Chelsea Handler Would Not Interview Melania Trump: ‘She Can Barely Speak English’ (Video)


Liberal foul-mouth Chelsea Handler took a swipe First Lady Melania Trump saying that she would not interview her because “she can barely speak English.”

Handler, who does not hold a college degree, should do her research before criticizing the First Lady Melania who speaks at least five languages including English, French, Italian, German, and Slovene.

As far as we can tell, Handler speaks but one and it’s usually laced with obscenities.

“No,” Handler responded flatly when asked by Variety at the Sundance Film Festival if she would ever have Trump, or his wife, on her Netflix talk show. “No. Melania? To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

When asked what she thought of Melania Trump as the First Lady, Handler said she thought “exactly what I think about him as the First Man. Nothing.”

“I don’t respect either one of those people,” she added.

Handler took to the streets of Park City, Utah on Saturday, the second day of the Sundance festival, to lead the Women’s March on Main, the film festival’s equivalent to the main event in Washington, D.C. Celebrities including Charlize Theron, John Legend and Kristen Stewart joined the talk show host in a march to protest Trump’s inauguration, Breitbart reported.

When asked what could be done to keep the movement going, Handler said it was key for young people to get involved in politics.

“Divisiveness is not the answer,” she explained. “And I think to get that message, we have to reach across party lines, forget your party. I’m registering as an Independent. I’m not gonna be a Democrat anymore because it’s too divisive. This isn’t working, this two-party system.”

When asked what she would say to President Trump if he were at Sundance with her, Handler’s response was simple: “F*ck off.”

“F*ck off. I mean, gross,” she said. “He is the grossest. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Those statues they made of him were accurate. I bet you that is what he looks like naked, with a little grape in between his legs.”


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