Child, 11, Kills Home Invasion Suspect In North St. Louis County

Child, 11, Kills Home Invasion Suspect In North St. Louis County

An 11-year-old child defended himself and his 4-year old sibling by picking up a gun and fatally shooting the 20 year old suspect.


KMOV Reports:


An 11-year-old child shot and killed a suspect who tried to break into the child’s home, police said

Authorities said an 11-year-old child and his 4-year-old sister were home on Hallwood Drive, near Castle Point, when two men attempted to break in. The suspects attempted to get into the home twice, but failed. They made their way inside through the front door on the third attempt.

The 11-year-old picked up a gun and fatally shot a suspect. The second alleged intruder was arrested shortly after the incident. The children’s mother purchased the gun for protection.

The other suspect fled the scene. No other details were made immediately available.

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