Child, 11, Kills Home Invasion Suspect In North St. Louis County


An 11-year-old child defended himself and his 4-year old sibling by picking up a gun and fatally shooting the 20 year old suspect.


KMOV Reports:


An 11-year-old child shot and killed a suspect who tried to break into the child’s home, police said

Authorities said an 11-year-old child and his 4-year-old sister were home on Hallwood Drive, near Castle Point, when two men attempted to break in. The suspects attempted to get into the home twice, but failed. They made their way inside through the front door on the third attempt.

The 11-year-old picked up a gun and fatally shot a suspect. The second alleged intruder was arrested shortly after the incident. The children’s mother purchased the gun for protection.

The other suspect fled the scene. No other details were made immediately available.

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  1. It’s about time!! Thugs need to know when they break into your home they just might be walking in on your barrel of sumptin’ sumptin! Go kiddo! Too bad it had to come to that but the world just ain’t a nice place any more!!

    • I was baby sitting at the age of 11. So, there was a gun in the home, apparently someone taught the child how to shoot it. No one but the people breaking into the house should be charged. Oh, yes one of them already has been given the death sentence.
      If the child didn’t have a gun and shot the suspect…no telling what would of happened to the two children.

    • Fred Benson You must live in a bubble. I know children who learn to shoot at a very young age. This just prepares them for things like this robbery when they happen. It is a shame he had to shoot someone at eleven but he had no other choice. When someone breaks into your house they are not there to play. The child did the right thing by protecting himself and his sister. As for being alone in the house I started babysitting for pay at ten. This boy was raised right and took his responsibilities seriously. God thing he was not a sheltered and babyed child.

    • So fred. Because of your comment I have to believe that you would rather be hearing or watching a news report about two dead children the one dead S O B that with a partner broke into a home?

  2. I started to learn about firearms at 5yrs. of age. For me that was normal. I started to teach my sisters kids about gun safety at 4 and teaching them to shoot at 5. As a result of this, they now have a deep respect for any and all firearms. The youngest is 12 now and the oldest 16. They will not touch a gun unless someone older tells them it is okay to do so.they have all been shooting around 10 yrs. now with no injuries or damage to them selfs, property or anyone else. Why? Because They RESPECT and know what a firearm can do if not handled with respect for what it can do.

    • I did the same with my kids at ages 5 and 6. They are now teaching their grandkids (my great-grandkids). Not even any close calls over the years. A gun is merely a specialize tool like a hammer or power drill and is perfectly safe when handled properly.


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