China Declares War On Islam – Imposes DRASTIC Laws Against Them


China has added its name to the growing list of European countries that are taking preventative measures in an attempt to eradicate Muslim extremists.


One such country is Norway, the new Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, began a program that deports Muslims who have ties to radical groups. The results were stunning with a 31% reduction in crime.

Blindspot News reported that China is taking the following drastic steps:

  • Ramadan is banned and Chinese restaurants must stay open during this fast.
  • Muslim prayer meetings and other religious practices are banned in Chinese government buildings, schools, and business offices in China’s Xinjiang region as reported in The Times of India.
  • Religious activities are now restricted to take place only in houses of worship, such as Mosques.
  • $4,880 fines will be imposed on mobile phones users, and using the Internet to disseminate messages that undermine national unity, social stability or incite ethnic hatred.
  • Female head dresses are banned in conformity with Chinese legislators who have repeatedly said that burqas “are not a national dress of Muslims.” They’re justifying their new laws based on several other countries, such as France and Belgium who have enacted similar bans based on public safety concerns.
  • Men with long beards are banned from riding public transportation: Chinese have suffered numerous terrorist attacks from both Muslim men with long beards, women, men in disguise wearing burkas, that obscures their appearance and suicide belts.
  • Islamic restaurants in China must sell alcohol and cigarettes and these items must be displayed for sale or these restaurants will be force to shut down.
  • Muslims cannot wear clothing or logos associated with extremism. No ISIS flags or patches allowed.
  • Muslim personal phones may also no longer be used to study the Koran or practice religious hymns.

Don’t expect these changes to take place in the United States while Barack Obama is president. Regardless of the chaos breaking out in Europe with the Syrian migrants, he continues to push for thousands to be placed all over our country costing American taxpayers BILLIONS to support them for life! 

Here is a list of 190 cities where Obama is dumping THOUSANDS of Syrian Muslim immigrants!


  1. This ought not be a surprise. Sovereignty over one’s own internal affairs is a privilege reserved unto creditor nations. Meanwhile, the USA gets lectured and bullied into altering its internal affairs as a condition for continued lending.

  2. If this is real and not satire, GOOD FOR CHINA! Another country smartening up..Now the good ole USA needs to stop being so damn accommodating…

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