Chinese Government DEMANDS That U.S. Citizens Be DISARMED


The official Chinese government news agency, Xinhua, is DEMANDING that the United States ‘immediately’ adopt stricter gun control measures to reduce the number of firearms American citizens are permitted to possess. 

Firearm ownership law in the People’s Republic of China heavily regulates the ownership of firearms. Generally, private citizens are not allowed to possess firearms and are restricted to law enforcement, the military and paramilitary, or security personnel protecting property of state importance.

Civilian ownership of firearms is largely restricted to non-individual entities such as sporting organizations, hunting reserves, and wildlife protection, management and research organizations. The chief exception to the general ban for individual gun ownership is for the purpose of hunting.

Illegal possession or sale of firearms may result in a minimum punishment of 3 years in prison, with the maximum being the death penalty.


Breitbart reported that the Chinese state-controlled media’s statement, titled “Innocent Blood Demands No Delay for US Gun Control,” is primarily focused on the Newtown tragedy in which 26 Americans were killed by a mad gunman. Twenty of the victims were young children.

The Chinese government stated, “Their blood and tears demand no delay for the U.S. gun control.”

In an apparent effort to restrict information to their populace, the Chinese government wrote of a number of US mass shootings but failed to mention they were either stopped by a citizen legally carrying a firearm or otherwise only occurred in the controversial gun-free zones that critics say make prime targets for madmen.

The Chinese government states:

The past six months have seen enough shooting rampages in the United States. Just three days ago, three people were shot dead at a shopping mall in Oregon. Two weeks ago, a football player shot his girlfriend dead and then committed suicide. Five months ago, 12 people were killed and 58 wounded in a shooting spree at a midnight screening of a Batman film in Colorado.

The government went on to express a strong dislike of the National Rifle Association while also attacking the Republican Party as somehow complicit in the violence. Conversely, the article heaps praise on the Democratic Party:

The Clinton government launched a series of gun control policies at the end of last century. And the Democrats lost the Congressional election in 1994 and the presidential election in 2000, with the shadow of the NRA present in both defeats.

The current Chinese government, the communist People’s Republic of China, was established in a revolution led by Mao Zedong, who killed an estimated 40-70 million people with starvation, executions, and re-education camps.


  1. China can keep all their people in China and then they won’t have to worry about our guns. Our government and the way we run things does not concern you.

  2. Perhaps this is why the huge country of China fell to the tiny island nation of Japan about as quick as the French fell to Germany. If China’s population was armed then, 500 million equipped warriors would have slaughtered the invaders, and the rest of the Allies would not have lost so many thousands trying to rid them of their persecutors. The same holds true about the ease of Mao’s takeover.

  3. Love how they want to tell us what we can and cannot have. Wonder how long it would take to be invaded by China if they did take our guns

  4. Folks. I hate to break it to ya. But Hillary & Obama entered the Small Arms treaty through the UN where they intend or already have shared the names and addresses of registered American gun owners either directly with other countries or the UN. All under the guise of preventing the illegal importing, sales and/or trading of weapons.

    Worse, I’d say, is China is laying the groundwork for invasion within 5-10 or 20 years. Wouldn’t the Chinese just love a fully disarmed American militia for “future use.”

    • They need to stay out of our business and americans will NEVER be disarmed!!! the chinese will always have the threat of being shot at, if they try to come into the united states!!!

      I don’t recognize the United Nations nor anything obama signed with them!!!

  5. How about Americans DEMAND that the current Chinese Communist government abdicates all power to the Taiwanese Nationalist government? Wonder how THEY would respond to that idea? None of our business? Well, right back at ya.

  6. Perhaps they believe our government can ignore our second amendment rights, well we don’t trust our government, and we will never give up our god given rights! The establishment parties are losing all control, and America is finally waking up to the fact that the establishment parties are being paid to drive us into bankruptcy!

    • I think our Government is controlled by fallen angels ie demons because they have been behaving abnormally since the jfk assassination.

  7. If it cannot properly metabolize alcohol, it cannot understand liberty and individualism. Go and Lear why they are properly labelled as drones and ROMheads, culturally programmed not to think for themselves.

  8. These attacks where children were supposedly killed were all fabricated and engineered by the Government to create fear, and to try and confiscate guns of the American people. No Children died, and in fact, the Government admitted it was a hoax and no one died. Americans will never give their guns up and several other false flags have since occurred which were again, engineered by The Government and thought some may have died, the even was engineered. Americans will never give their guns up and our right to bear any kind of arms cannot be abridged by anyone, even obama and Americans will not allow their rights to be infringed in any way,

  9. March 2010[edit]

    Main article: Nanping school massacre

    On March 23, 2010, Zheng Minsheng (郑民生)[7] 41, murdered eight children with a knife in an elementary school in Nanping,[8] Fujian province;[9] The attack was widely reported in Chinese media (called 南平实验小学重大凶杀案),[7] sparking fears of copycat crimes.[9] Following a quick trial, Zheng Minsheng was executed about one month later on April 28.[8] Media reported a history of mental health issues, but police stated that Zheng had no history of mental illness, contradicting earlier reports. Zheng said that he performed the attack after being turned down by a girl and suffering “unfair treatment” from the girl’s wealthy family.

    April 2010[edit]

    Just a few hours after the execution of Zheng Minsheng in neighboring Fujian Province,[10] in Leizhou,[11] Guangdong another knife-wielding man named Chen Kangbing, 33 (陈康炳)[12] at Hongfu Primary School wounded 16 students and a teacher.[9] Chen Kangbing had been a teacher at a different primary school in Leizhou, but was on sick leave due to mental illness[12][13] He was sentenced to death by a court in Zhanjiang in June.[14]

    On April 29 in Taixing,[8] Jiangsu, unemployed 47-year-old Xu Yuyuan went to Zhongxin Kindergarten[15] and stabbed 28 students and two teachers after stabbing the security guard;[9] most of the Taixing students were 4 years old.[16] The attack was the second in China in just two days.

    On April 30, Wang Yonglai used a hammer to cause head injury to preschool children in Weifang,[8] Shandong, then used gasoline to commit suicide by self-immolation.[9]

    May 2010[edit]

    An attacker named Wu Huanming (吴环明), 48, killed seven children and two adults and injured 11 other persons with a cleaver at a kindergarten in Hanzhong, Shaanxi on May 12, 2010;[8] early reports were removed from the internet in China, for fear that mass coverage of such violence can provoke copycat attacks.[8][17] The attacker later committed suicide at his house; he was the landlord of the school,[18] Shengshui Temple private kindergarten, and had been involved in an ongoing dispute with the school administrator about when the school would move out of the building.[18]

    On May 18, 2010 at Hainan Institute of Science and Technology (海南科技职业学院), a vocational college in Haikou, Hainan, more than 10 men[19] charged into a dormitory wielding knives around 2:30 am;[20] after attacking the security guard and disabling security cameras, 9 students were injured, 1 seriously.[20] The local men attacked the dorm in an act of revenge and retaliation against college students following conflict the previous day at an off-campus food stall in which 4 students were injured, for a total of 13.[21]

    August 2010[edit]

    On 4 August 2010, 26-year-old Fang Jiantang (方建堂) slashed more than 20 children and staff with a 60 cm knife, killing 3 children and 1 teacher, at a kindergarten in Zibo, Shandong province. Of the injured, 3 other children and 4 teachers were taken to the hospital. After being caught Fang confessed to the crime. There was no known motive.[22] Since the start of the year, a total of 27 people had died and at least 80 were injured in various knife attacks.

    August 2011[edit]

    Eight children, all aged four or five,[23] were hurt in Minhang District, Shanghai when an employee at a child-care centre for migrant workers slashed the children who were 3 to 4 years old with a box-cutter.[24] The woman had worked there for years, but was thought to have psychiatric problems.

    September 2011[edit]

    In September 2011, a young girl and three adults taking their children to nursery school were killed in Gongyi,[25] Henan by 30-year-old Wang Hongbin with an axe.[26] Another child and an adult were seriously wounded but survived.[27] The suspect is a local farmer who is suspected of being mentally ill.[28]

    December 2012[edit]

    Main article: Chenpeng Village Primary School stabbing

    On 14 December 2012, a 36-year-old villager in the village of Chenpeng, Henan Province, stabbed 23 children and an elderly woman at the village’s primary school as children were arriving for classes.[29] The attacker was restrained at the school, and later arrested.[30] All of the victims survived and were treated at three hospitals, though some were reportedly seriously injured, with fingers or ears cut off, and had to be transferred to larger hospitals for specialized care.[31]


  11. Im Canadian but why dont the chinese just mind their own business. true guns have been responsible for alot of violence, but they have also stopped alot too. and its not your damn country, so mind your demands…

  12. we know that china could care less about how many Americans are killed plus they would like even better if we were wiped off the face of the earth so don’t bring the concerned about American peoples shooting deaths were silent not total stupid so screw off and if we got to fight then we got to do what we have to but you don’t make the assumption that we all are ignorant ok

  13. This cannot be repeated enough. People need to realize that this is a culture that is the perfect antithesis of we in the West take for granted. Generally speaking, Westerners can stop being Westerners by adopting the appropriate antithesis to liberty and individualism. This is a most common occurrence in venues such as the COLLEGE CAMPUS. However, try as they will, Asians can NEVER stop being Asians. They look in the mirror and they are reminded as to what values to maintain, despite all attempts to assimilate.

    Tyranny has plagued humanity since the Pleistocene. Tyranny is the natural social condition. Therefore, liberty needs to be defended and cultivated. The dangerous assumption is that liberty does not need walls. Deadly wrong that is. Liberty had to fight to the death to carve out its own piece of real estate that is the United States. Those walls were meant for two purposes, to wit, to keep out enemies AND to not confer internal rights on those outside because entry is not an act, it is a process by which Otherness is renounced and Brotherness is embraced.

    Meritocracies can be dangerous in that it leads to heteronomy in which the achievers reside at the top and the mediocre masses at the bottom. That sort of social order too much resembles Marxism. “Wise Paternalism” exploits meritocratic heteronomies. We are all too aware from where “wise paternalism” originates.

    Let the college poisoned Marxists reply.

    • They need to stay out of our business and americans will NEVER be disarmed!!! the chinese will always have the threat of being shot at, if they try to come into the united states!!!


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