Chuck Schumer Says Trump ‘Sold Out’ On China Trade Deal


American farmers have suffered a long time because of the trade war between the United States and China, while President Trump works tirelessly to ensure that the US doesn’t find itself taken advantage of again on the world’s stage.

President Trump is a negotiator by trade, and was elected by the American people to put his boardroom tactics to good use from the Oval Office.  China, being the biggest fish to fry, was high on his priority list, with the two nations fighting it out in the world of global economics early in Trump’s first term.

Now, as years of unending trade disputes have taken their toll on American farmers, the President has delivered a wildly profitable “phase one” trade deal.

But, as with all things Trump, the left simply cannot stand by and let the success be celebrated.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, one of the Democrats most supportive of President Donald Trump’s crackdown on China, contended Friday that the president caved by striking a trade agreement.

“There are huge structural inequities with China’s trade relationships with the U.S. At first, President Trump seemed like the only president who would dare tackle this challenge; but now, he has sold out for a temporary and unreliable promise from China to purchase some soybeans,” Schumer said in a statement.

“We’ve heard this song and dance from China before,” he continued. “Once again, Donald Trump cannot be relied upon to do the right thing for American workers and businesses, even when his statements were pointing in the right direction.”

Schumer’s response comes just hours after a grassroots employment organization heaped praise on Trump for this massive success.