Chuck Schumer: ‘Trump Is Not Going To Get The Wall In Any Form’ (Video)


Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) declared that President Trump was not going to get his U.S.-Mexico border wall “in any form.” He emphasized the degree of his admonishment by saying that President Trump does not have the support or the votes within the Republican party, let alone with the Democrats.

Take note of haw many times Schumer says that President Trump is having a ‘temper tantrum’, and look at how Schumer has been acting. It appears he is the one having the tantrums, whereas President Trump is stating a fact – the only way to secure the border is with a wall. The Democrats are pushing for fencing, the reason seems is clear – fences can be broken down and climbed over. The main reason is that Chuck does not want the president to keep one of his main campaign promises.

Schumer said:

“President Trump should understand there are not the votes for the wall in the House or the Senate. He is not going to get the wall in any form. Even the House which is a majority Republican, they don’t have the votes for his $5 billion wall plan.

Ryan, afraid of what’s going to happen, sent all the House home until Wednesday night, a day and a half before the shutdown. They certainly don’t have the votes in the Senate. Now we Democrats, leader Pelosi and I offered the president two options as to how to avoid the shutdown. We should not let a temper tantrum, threats push us in the direction of doing something that everybody even our Republican colleagues know is wrong.”

Schumer added:

“Leader McConnell, Chairman Shelby has said we shouldn’t shut down the government. They should join us in one of these two proposals which would get more than enough votes passed and avoid a shutdown. If the president wants to debate the wall next year he can. I don’t think he’ll get it. He shouldn’t use innocent workers as hostage for his temper tantrum to throw a bone to his base.”

Notice how once again Schumer tries to put President Trump off for another year, they have no intention of allowing him to build the wall. It would not matter if thousands, or millions of illegals/ immigrants were rushing the border, they do not want a wall that can not be removed, they want open borders.


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