City of Ferguson Installing Memorial Plaque For Mike Brown


The memorial to Michael Brown on Canfield Drive has been removed and will be replaced by a plaque, Mayor James Knowles III and Michael Brown Sr. announced Wednesday.


Michael Brown Sr. shows off the plaque in memory of his son Michael Brown Jr. that will be embedded in concrete in the sidewalk along Canfield Drive on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Michael Brown Jr. was shot and killed near the spot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, 2014. The bronze plaque replaces a make shift memorial of stuff animals, hats and other items that made up a makeshift memorial. Photo By David Carson, [email protected]


The Right Scoop  by ‘soopermexican’  had this to say, and I could not have said it any better myself.

The city of Ferguson will honor its most distinguished former citizen, Mike Brown, for his humanitarian activism in the fields of grocery-store thievery, immigrant entrepreneur battery, and assault of police officers. Truly, Mike Brown’s thuggery epitomized the best values of the black community in Ferguson and in many other towns in America, which is why he shall be honored forever.

If you can’t read the plague, it reads as follows:

In Memory of Mike O.D. Brown:

I would like the memory of Michael Brown to be a happy one. He left an afterglow of bruises and contusions on everyone he met. He leaves an echo thundering of paid protesters through the decrepit buildings of Ferguson, chanting softly that cops must die and whitey is to blame. He’d like the tears of those he beat up and of the business-owners whose livelihood were tore down in his name, to cry forever in his memory.

OK that’s not really what it says.

Michael Brown Sr. picks up Canfield memorial

Photo courtesy of Google




    [Copy / Pasted from a Craigslist post]
    i knew Big Mike for many yeers…..i alwaz kep my distanse from him as he was a real player….you couldnt look him in the eyes for too long or he would think you hadz a problem with em….he would take what he wanted when he wanted it….i know of at least 3 girls he raped and he use to talk about countless jobs he pulled off……he would snatch a chain right off a guy or chicks nexk and just keeeps on walkn……he didnt do a damn thing to try to get a job….he dealed when he could but always fuckd up the money cause hed gamble it away…..he had no close friends that werent folllowers of what he wanted to do and what he wanted to say….im just sayin his boys would go along with him just to be under his protections…..i aint no grammer student and its taken me 30 minutes to type this already but I know enough to stay out of the way of trouble……big mike deserved what he got and i am black and actually i am happy he is out tha hood…..he couldve been a football player or something cause he was big…but he was lazy and just to street……i went to the protests one night and i am sad for my peopls…they all stupid and they just looking to be recognizzed. i work cleaning out the sewers in the city….the job sucks but its a job and i have a chance to move up ….nothing big but i can be a supervisor or jr supervisor in a few years and i know i gots to put ion my time… black friends mostly dont have jobs or even want them… friends parents just had more and more kids to get more and more money and they dont know how to be parents themselves….i see them just spending the money from the goverment checks on themselves and thrown the kidz to the sides….when the turn 18 and the money stops they put them out and tell them to go get a job…….with no skillz and no idea how to be a man they end up stealing or dealing dope ….they dont know how to spell…..not that im any better but im only 19 and i am working on that…….im just saying big mike was a total asshole thug boy……if he was at a house i was at I would leave and if he did end up talking to me he would always make fun of me for working for the white man and would then hit me up for a 20 or more……he never paid it back and to say no to big mike was somethin you didnt do….big mikes mama and dad couldnt control him and he used his size to be a bully…as alot of people are sayin but that video of him in the store wasnt just at that time, thats how he was ALL the time…….with women he would force himself on them and sometimes my one girl would end up with fresh brusies on her arms and face……when i asked her who from she knew to shut up and would just give me that look……sooner or later big mike would end up dead or in jail….i dont feel anything but relief as he was a predator of peoples……i once saw him snatch a gold chain off a guy who didnt care and said its fake anyways asshole…..big mike then kicked the guy right in the chest then beat him down hard and took his wallet….he was a mean sob… time in school he put tacks on a girls chair who wouldnt date him and when she sat down she was bleeding with tacks in her ass….him and hisi boys just laughed….the bad part was that he spit on the tacks first then put them on the chair…all cause she didnt want to date him…..another time was at luch when he spit right in the server ladies face cause they ran out of deserts ….another time he beat up old lady cause she paid him 5 dollars for plowing her driveway.l…..he didnt do much but knock her down and call he a cheap bitch…..He was talkn about doin a bank or armd car and wanted to get a automatic gun in the worst way…..i cannot tell you how many people would see him comin and go the other way. He used his size to his wants an d didnt bother to ever say please or thankyou to anyone… owners would always be on edge when he walked in and if he was short some money he would put what he wanted down and walk out…alot of times hes walk in and take and walk out. now the whole city is up in arms butz is feel that they should know a bit about whjo they are defending…the pics they are showing of him at 14 years old…..he was filled with hate and thought he was the biggest and baddest muthafuca around … people are not doin this shit right. i dont care about rights or other shit……if big mike was coming at me id fire too being almost 7 foot tall he was a big fucker who could easily be mistaked for being much older/…..i dont blame the 5 0 in this one….i agree they fuck with us more but thats cause we fucked from the start with the state given more money to people for more kidz…..

    id like to see the news interview his classmates in school from 5th grade on and the news peoples will see im tellin the truth about what he really turned in to ……the people that are protesting dont know him and dont know anything….big mike was a thug and im sure he fucked with the cop too….every black man with any intelligence knows you dont fuck with the police…..I ainz blamin white people for anything if you can get a job take the fucking job and it will keep you straight and put some green in yo pockets… get tied up in the streets they gonna eat yous up no matter how big you are ….trust me ALOT of people are happy big mike is out ofo their lifes……it was only a matter of time before he did something crazier an d only a matter of time for he killed somebody over somethin……go back and talk to his teachers and you will find im tellin the truth….he thought he was the king and now he gone and i am black and glad he gone… fuck em

  2. Each year on August 9th, privileged white men should knock off a bodaga, smack a little guy and light up a swisher sweet. Little Mikey needs our participation.

  3. I’m sorry he died, especially if there was anything improper in the way it happened, but this young man just moments earlier intimidated a much smaller man in order to steal from him. He should NOT be memorialized with a plaque. I understand his family and friends are suffering and miss him, but this is just not right.

  4. we should put up a thank you for taking out a thug, & a menace to society plaque for the officer that killed should say, here a thug tried to f*** with the police, and lost.

  5. Internet makes you racist individuals real tough. Won’t say a word in public… Wow, at least it gives you spineless people a place to vent.. #loosers

  6. Are you kidding me??? He robbed a store and was caught , he tried to beat up the store owner , he decided to walk down the middle of the street interfering with traffic , he was asked to leave the roadway and did not ,and then he attacked a cop and tried to kill him then being killed himself and was then to of said his hands were up which they were not and then the officer was going to be charged for defending himself then stupid lazy people decided to loot and burn there town and now you are trying to get a bullshit plaque put up in his honor for no other reason but to lie too and confuse the current and next generation of young people and children so they will continue on this runaway train and believe the lies told to them by the previous generation of stupid lazy people . It’s time to thin the herd some more. You will receive sympathy from me when you can stand up to bullies, thugs, and very stupid leaders in that community. I have not seen any reason to send one red cent to this very large group of very ignorant people. When and if the day comes that they can show some kind of common sense then and only then will there be a reason to through pearls before swine.

  7. “that will be embedded in concrete in the sidewalk along Canfield Drive” People will still be walking all over him.

  8. This is horrible. I am not trying to speak ill of the dead, my heart goes out to his family and friends that are mourning but a plaque?? For what? What was his accomplishment? What did he contribute to society? Only thing I saw him do was bully a business owner while robbing him. This town is a special kind of stupid.

  9. Shows how far American values have sunk into the ever deepening cesspools! Placing any memorial for a thug is truly warped thinking and Mayor should not only be ashamed but tarred and feathered and run out of Ferguson on a box car! Let’s see now, soon will have memorials for ALL Black prisoners doing time, those on death row, and then the ACLU will be demanding and suing the same for all whites and other races!!!

  10. Are you fucking kidding me! He was a criminal and tax payers money are going to buy this plaque! Let me know where it’s at so I can piss all over it

  11. If it will finally shut this story up for good then so be it. I’m sick of hearing about it. Its gone on long enough and needs to stop being talked about. He died for his crimes, still hurt people after the fact, but now just moved the fuck on and get over it.

  12. IT’s unfortunate what happend to MB, but had he not died, those White Collar Thugs would still be commiting their crimes in the city of Ferguson, The unjustice and the unfairness would still be going on if his death hadn’t sparked Federal Investigation. Those are the real THUGS. They just thought they could get away with it. Arrogance.

  13. City idolizing a criminal thug, who attempted to steal a gun. Black thug life. Fergusen is cowtowing to blacks. Not here. Blacks are all monkeys.

  14. The World is truly upside down when the THUG Michael Brown is memorialized with a plaque. Michael Brown was not a hero or someone people should emulate or look up to, but someone who should be despised. He was a THUG. If Michael Brown would not have committed the strong-arm robbery; and if Michael Brown would not have been walking down the middle of the street; and if Michael Brown had not accosted the officer and tried to get his gun; and if Michael Brown would not have charged back towards the office, Michael Brown may have still been alive today, unless he was killed by a gang-banger. Michael Brown is DEAD because of the actions of Michael Brown and the World is better off without him. Period!

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