Clerk Resigns Refusing Gov’s Order To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses


All over the nation city officials are refusing Obama’s dictate to honor gay marriages standing on the grounds it is against their religious beliefs. 

Rather than do the honorable thing and respect people’s religious beliefs, these ‘same-sex’ couples are suing insisting that their beliefs trump the Bible.

Supreme Court Gay Marriage

Breitbart reports:

The clerk of Casey County, Kentucky is refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses despite the order of Democrat Gov. Steve Beshear.

During a private meeting, Beshear told county clerk Casey Davis Thursday that he should issue same-sex marriage licenses or resign, reports Davis said he is refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because same-sex marriage is against his religious beliefs, and he is also refusing to resign his post.

Prior to meeting with Beshear, Davis said he was willing to go to jail for his religious beliefs.

“If that’s what it takes to express freedom of religion, I’m willing to do this,” the clerk said.

Beshear later said that while he respects Davis’ personal beliefs, the clerk took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution which, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled at the end of June, now recognizes same-sex marriages nationwide. The governor said that county attorney Thomas Weddle Jr. advised Davis that the oath of office he took requires him to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and added that the courts and the voters will “deal appropriately” with clerks who do not obey the law.

Beshear also refused to call for a special legislative session on the issue because of the cost, about $60,000 per day. State Sen. Albert Robinson (R) sent a letter earlier in the day to the governor, recommending an executive order for the special legislative session or the creation of an online system for issuing marriage licenses – an idea that Davis himself had suggested.

In response to Beshear’s rejection of the special legislative session due to cost, Davis said, “What cost do you put on freedom?”

Davis said he will continue to refuse to obey the governor’s order and to resign his post, adding that while he is concerned about being sued or charged with official misconduct, he will “lean on the Lord.”

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  1. These pathetic human beings are destroying the decency of this country.The liberals of today want the destruction of this country.The sadness is that there winning. There sueing anybody that doesn’t beleve in there disgusting lifestyle. Im not a christian but they have a right to believe in there values and right to religion.Just like the gay.s have the right to play bumper pool when they want and call it love. PATHETIC


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