Clinton Campaign Contractor Caught In Voter Fraud Visited Obama At White House 342 Times (Video)

Clinton Campaign Contractor Caught In Voter Fraud Visited Obama At White House 342 Times (Video)

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and mainstream media have been ridiculing Donald Trump for saying that the election is rigged, denying the fact that there is substantial proof that Hillary and her campaign have been sabotaging Trump to win the election. 

Case in point, Robert Creamer, who is a convicted felon, was exposed in a pair of stinging political exposés by Project Veritas Action, visited the Obama White House 342 times, according to the administration’s records, including several visits to Obama family’s residence and once, in October of last year, to the Oval Office.

Creamer, founder of Democracy Partners, was caught on one hidden-camera video discussing ways to commit large-scale voter fraud, and in another about paying activists to start fights to disrupt Donald Trump’s rallies.

On Tuesday, Creamer was shoved out of the Hillary Clinton’s campaign inner circle after the video exposed him discussing how to commit large-scale voter fraud and send activists into Donald Trump campaigns to cause violent fights.

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Creamer’s organization and its subcontractors paid activists like this man to sneak into Trump rallies and start trouble, according to statements made on hidden-camera footage

Creamer said only that he had ‘indicated to the Democratic National Committee that I am stepping back from my responsibilities working with the [Clinton] campaign.

According to Daily Mail, Creamer, whose wife is 9-term Illinois Democratic congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, took 47 private meetings with Obama or his senior staff, the White House’s official visitor records records show, including one just four months ago.


Creamer’s Oval Office visit and others in the West Wing and the White House residence – 342 in all – are chronicled in the Obama administration’s own official visitor logs

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dodged questions on Wednesday about how Creamer was allowed into the Obamas’ residence and the Oval Office 341 times given his felony conviction, and his association with Hillary Clinton.

Instead, he discounted what Creamer and the others said, and tied to discredit Project Veritas, and James O’Keefe who exposed what everyone except the Democrats have known to be true; there is a lot of voter fraud taking place and President Obama is an active participant.

‘I’ve been asked about videos that have come from this outlet in the past, and each time I’ve tried to urge people to take those reports not at face value – not just with a grain of salt but maybe even a whole package of salt,’ White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

‘Because despite what the name [Veritas] might suggest, these videos have not often revealed the truth.’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is an a prominent Trump supporter, told the Post that ‘[t]he FBI should be opening an investigation into these people right now.’

The Clinton campaign, too, hinted that the videos may have been spliced together in a dishonest fashion, which is ludicrous considering the videos are shown in their entirety.

President Obama chastised Donald Trump earlier last week over his repeated claims that the Nov. 8 election is rigged saying that he should “stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes…”

No doubt, mainstream media will not expose Hillary Clinton and Obama’s illicit behavior in rigging the election. They will continue to mislead the American people and push the false narrative that Trump is a conspiracy theorist.

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