CNN Proves to be Tabloid Fake News After Falsely Claiming MAN Gave Birth and Breastfeeds “His” Child

Sebastion Sparks, 24, and his wife Angel, 33, are both transgender parents to their 1 year-old son, Jaxen. The parents have dealt with many hardships, including homelessness and discrimination both by the local community and with job hunting. Photographed on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 in Cartersville, GA

In the lead-up to Father’s Day this year, fake news giant CNN decided to publish a ridiculously tabloidesque propaganda feature about a mentally-deranged woman pretending to be a man, claiming that this “man” gave birth to a child, is breastfeeding that child, and now represents the child’s “father” – even though the individual is a biological female.

The headline that CNN chose to publish, “Father’s Day: Transgender dad wants his son to see him as a man,” is where the madness begins. Both here and all throughout the article, CNN repeatedly refers to “Sabastion Sparks,” the woman-turned-“man,” as an actual man, discussing “his” pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more as if it represents some kind of miracle.

Undiscerning readers are left with the impression that Sabastion’s birthing of a child as a “man” is some kind of amazing technological feat – except that Sabastion isn’t a real man. “He” was born with a vagina and two X chromosomes, meaning that it’s perfectly natural for this individual to be able to birth a child.

What’s not natural is Sabastion’s poor attempt at a male haircut, missing breasts (which were cut off), and artificial pubic hair growing up its morbidly obese stomach – as seen in CNN‘s headline photo (Be advised: you cannot unsee the photo of this shirtless surgical monstrosity that CNN chose to publish).

It’s truly disgusting, illustrating how little respect CNN has for real fathers, and men in general. To portray this mutant as an average “dad,” and claim that it’s a real “male” simply because it removed its female parts and calls itself a “man,” is horridly emasculating.

This same CNN article even implies that Sabastion wasn’t actually born a biological female at all, but that (s)he was merely “assigned” this gender at birth by doctors at the hospital. It had nothing to do with Sabastion having ovaries and a uterus, of course.

Sebastion Sparks, 24, and his wife Angel, 33, are both transgender parents to their 1 year-old son, Jaxen. 

CNN glorifies Sabastion’s “wife,” a biological man, in further propaganda assault

It doesn’t stop there, though. Sabastion’s “wife,” a morbidly obese biological male who’s doctored up his appearance to look somewhat female, is also glorified in the CNN article. “Angel,” as this gender-dysphoric deviant calls itself, apparently plays the role of “mother” in the relationship, even though he was born with male genitalia.

The couple bore their child the normal way, as actual male and female, before transitioning, something that CNN conveniently glosses over while explaining that Sabastion and Angel had discussed their option in-depth. What they discussed is unclear, however, seeing as though only biological females can give birth, hence why Sabastion was chosen to do so.

It’s an ongoing situation of gender insanity, mostly stemming from the Obama-era LGBT agenda to normalize what has now become a transgender phenomenon. And playing right into the Sodom and Gomorrah narrative is none of than CNN, in this case, presenting these two freaks of nature as if they’re a perfectly normal couple – and during Father’s Day, no less.

“I call this latest atrocity from CNN ‘propaganda,’ because this is all part of an agenda we have been noting for years, to emasculate and feminize men, with chemicals, through propaganda media, including the ‘narrative’ that masculinity is ‘toxic,’ while turning woman into more masculine figures,” writes Susan Duclos for All News PipeLine.

“If men want to act and look like women or women want to act or look like men, that is one thing, but a national cable ‘news’ outlet should not be reporting it as if it is ‘news,’ because it is not news, it is propaganda.”

This article originally appeared at Natural News

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