Coalition Of 100 Black Religious Leaders To Endorse Donald Trump


Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump will announce next week that he is being endorsed by a coalition of 100 black pastors and religious leaders. 


A group of 100 black religious leaders are scheduled to meet with Trump privately at his campaign headquarters at Trump Tower, and then attend a news conference where they are expected to announce their endorsement. (HT Breitbart)

The group is expected to come from early primary states such as South Carolina, Florida and Ohio, along with the Republican strongholds of Georgia and Alabama. (HT WSJ

“I’ve waited long enough. I’m ready to commit,” said Darrell Scott, the pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Ohio, who is one of the leaders attending Monday’s event and will endorse Mr. Trump there. “My motives are for the better of America.” 

Trump has had several meetings with evangelical Christians during his presidential campaign. 

Michelle Fields, Breitbart reported that one of the people who was impressed with Trump after meeting him was Darrell Scott, pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Ohio. Scott helped organize the coalition of black leaders who are expected to meet with Trump Monday. 

Scott told the New York Times that, after meeting with Trump, he realized that he was the best candidate for president and said that accusations of racism in the media against Trump were false. 

“I was looking for some subtle hints of racism,” Mr. Scott said. “I didn’t see it at all.” 

Pastor Mark Burns of South Carolina told the Wall Street Journal that he will also be endorsing Trump. 

“He’s the best candidate for the Republican nomination” said Burns


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