College Students Sign Petition To Ban ‘Racially-charged’ Song: ‘White Christmas’ (Video)


To illustrate the political correctness creeping across our nation’s campuses, Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph visited George Mason University in Virginia to see if students would sign a petition banning Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” from radio waves this holiday season, “because the song only focuses on ‘White’ Christmases.” 


Breitbart Reports:

Some college students agree radio stations should stop playing “White Christmas,” because the holiday classic is said to be “a racially-charged micro-aggression.”

Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph asked students on a college campus to sign a petition against the song “because the song only focuses on ‘White’ Christmases.”

Joseph asks, “We think that the song ‘White Christmas’ is insulting to people of color because it says snow is white and therefore it is good.”

“Sounds understandable, makes sense,” one student responds to his plea for a signature.

Only one student refused, while another requested more information, according to the video, but most students who passed by agreed with Joseph and signed the petition.

In one hour, 18 college students signed the petition to ban the song.

“That’s how bad political correctness has gotten on college campuses,” Joseph stated at the end of his report.

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  1. These are the same people who show concern about a term used to describe an “ultracompact stellar remnant whose escape velocity exceeds that of the speed of light”.


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