Comey Gets Slammed By Left & Right For ‘Shot Clock’ Op-ed About Kavanaugh FBI Probe

Former FBI director James Comey could not help but add his two-cents about the bureau’s investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying it is “idiotic” to have a “shot clock.” His critics, both left and right, were not amused.

The FBI opened a background investigation into Kavanaugh – his seventh – on Friday, after the White House humored the demands of the obstructionist Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee and one Republican, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona).

Though initially fine with the investigation wrapping up by this Friday, the Democrats are now asking it to be unlimited in time and scope – and Comey, writing in the New York Times, agreed.

A number of people quickly observed that Comey doesn’t have a leg to stand on, given that he actually admitted putting a “shot clock” on the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton’s email use, due to the 2016 presidential election.

Comey also claimed FBI agents could do the job in a week, because they are good at sorting out lies from truth.

Or are they?

The former FBI director also echoed a Democrat talking point of “obvious lies by the nominee about the meaning of words in a yearbook,” calling them a “flashing signal to dig deeper.” This got him flak from Republicans – but also from Democrats who argued he was lending legitimacy what they called “an illegitimate process.”

For some conservative commentators, Comey’s op-ed was proof of his partisanship, as they brought up his role in promoting the “Russiagate” narrative and using the Steele Dossier to obtain a spying warrant for a Trump campaign adviser – issues that are still being investigated by both Congress and internal inspectors at the Department of Justice.


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