Compare Rick Perry’s Mugshot To His Highly Intoxicated Accuser Rosemary Lehmberg

Compare Rick Perry’s Mugshot To His Highly Intoxicated Accuser Rosemary Lehmberg

Texas Governor Rick Perry looked confident and more determined than even as he entered an Austin courthouse to be booked on abuse of power charges. Compare Perry’s expression to the mugshot of his then highly intoxicated and sloppy accuser, Rosemary Lehmberg:


Texas Governor Rick Perry looked anything but beaten or intimidated, and than we have Rosemary Lehmberg looking sloppy and drunk

There is no contest who wins the mugshot PR battle; the court battle is still pending. Perry defiantly addressed an animated crowd of supporters gathered outside the Texas courthouse:

Given how sloppy and belligerent she was during the arrest, not to mention her staggering blood-alcohol level of .239 (three times the legal limit), it is a bit odd that she was a virtual unknown outside the state of Texas until over the weekend.

This, per the indictment, which must be read to be believed, is somehow an abuse of Perry’s power. He issued the threat of a veto, which is protected political speech under any reading of the First Amendment, and he carried out that threat per the power granted to him by the Texas Constitution. And for that reason, he’s being indicted.

The lovely Rosemary Lehmberg who feels she was unjustly treated and accused:



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