Cop Says “Get a Hotel” to Homeless USMC Veteran and Gives Him a Ticket for Sleeping in His Van


Nearly 60,000 veteran men and women who’ve served their country are homeless and being persecuted by the same system they pledged to care for them in return for their service to this country.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports (via Jan. 6, 2014), that as of January 2012, more than 60,000 veterans were homeless, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Colyer moved from Seattle, WA to California last year to look for his 2-year-old son. Since then, he’s been beaten, arrested, and is homeless. Colyer was finally able to purchase a van which got him off the street and now he’s being told that it’s illegal to sleep in it.

Colyer cannot afford a place to stay at the moment, so his van provides much needed shelter. However, the Alameda Police Department doesn’t care if Colyer is homeless, or that he’s a Veteran, or that he has no other place to sleep but in his van; which is why they came banging on his van door in the middle of the night.

“I am a homeless veteran, I have PTSD, and you are giving me a ticket for sleeping; there is no sign saying no parking – I am not parked illegally.”


Colyer was cited for “Habitating in a Vehicle.”

“Move and leave and go somewhere else,” says the officer.

“Where am I supposed to sleep?” asks Aaron.

“Get a hotel,” the officer callously replies.

As more and more people find themselves in this unfortunate situation, the government is reacting with force instead of aid.

Eighteen percent of cities now ban sleeping in public and 42% of cities ban sleeping in vehicles.

Anyone else wondering if Colyer would have been cited if he were an illegal, or would he have been given a meal and a bus ticket.

Thank you for your service Aaron Colyer.


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  1. You lost me at ‘served their country’ had this statement been correct, Amerika would not be in the position it’s in. With that said, there is hope in knowing that there will come a time when this cop’s country turns on him too.

  2. The police could have been nicer and told him park at a truck stop or something. The part this article leaves out is where the marine was parked. On the street downtown, in a residential neighborhood, local park??? I wouldn’t want someone parking in my driveway unless I had given permission. So much not covered in this article to totally condemn the police officer.

  3. The home of the free! Home of the brave! The place were liberty reigns!

    Now the home of tyranny, a police state, and a dictator!!!

  4. YOU VETRERANS,the days coming when the POLICE GANGS will KILL you if they find out your a veteran,SO KEEP IT TO YOURSELF,for your own safety,America is turning into a third world shit hole and thats how americans want it,THEIR POLITICALLY CORRECT,and all of them feel if they live above third world level,then its evil,and truthfully THEY ARE GOING TO DRIVE AMERICA ,INTO THE SHIT CAN…as a matter of fact,I think they already have…THIS WILL BRING “WAR” ON AMERICA and they like that IDEA too…………

  5. THIS is a private message for the homeless VETERAN,if he needs a place to LIVE ,hes welcome at my house,I live in colorado,1-719-846-7082,have him call me any time…………..

    • My wife hired & housed 4 homeless veterans right off the streets; Chris, the first one she hired & housed has been with her 9 years and runs & manages her entire property portfolio; NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THEM…they just needed a chance!

  6. CORPORATE PROSTITUE P I G. I bet that made the ex marine cop feel all warm and fuzzy doing that to one of his fellow marines. Ya wonder why most folks hate LE. LE is now under direct command of the Department of Human Sacrifice AKA dhSTASI. Welcome to STASILAND USA

  7. Badges ARE –> REDCOATS! look at history!! they are the EXACT SAME> only WORSE>

    Free Speech ZONES? only a traitor
    Checkpoints? only a NAZI

    the cops are engaging in, PROFITING from, perpetuating, and ENABLING TYRANNY against the people of the nation.

  8. I would prefer people live in their vehicles than on the street. Those city ordinances should be changed to accommodate the people in these depressing economic times. Let these people have the chance to survive without relying on others and they may have the chance to eventually improve their lives.

  9. The VA funded shelters for homeless veterans are HORRIFYING; they are prison-like & all-controlling HELL-HOLES. Wild rabid dogs are treated better at the dog pound than homeless veterans are.

  10. Makes me cringe that I wore a badge. This mall cop has to realize all his information ia a matter of public record,watch who you piss off hot dog.


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