Crazed North Korean Despot Kim Jong-Un’s Troops Blow Up US Aircraft Carrier And Shoot Down Bomber In Propaganda Video (Video)


North Korea said on Monday that it is not frightened by US threats of possible pre-preemptive military action to halt its nuclear and missile buildup and that the country is fully ready to go to war, The Daily Mail reports.

NORTH Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un has released a propaganda video showing a US aircraft carrier being blown up and a bomber shot down in flames, The Sun UK reports.

Snaps from the secretive state’s recent ballistic missile launches are shown alongside the haunting message: “A knife will be stabbed into the throat of the carrier.”

North Korea

Propaganda film shows aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson being targeted

North Korea

It comes days after Kim Jong-un threatened the US with nuclear destruction

Kim Jong-un has threatened to reduce the US 'to ashes' with nuclear strikes

Kim Jong-un has warned he will reduce the US ‘to ashes’ with nuclear strikes

It comes after the leader threatened to reduce the US “to ashes” as tensions with North Korea increase.

The shocking video goes on to declare: “The bomber will fall from the sky after getting hit by a hail of fire.”

Footage also shows nuclear-powered aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson going up in flames.

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