Crosses At Catholic School Offends Muslims And Interferes With Their Prayers


Muslim students filed a complaint that says crosses at a Catholic school are “offensive,” and prevent them from praying.

The complaint to the Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights, filed by a professor from rival George Washington University, which says there are “too many crosses in every room of Catholic University” which is a “human rights violation that prevents Muslim students from praying there,” Top Right News reported. 

The complaint also objects to Muslims having to pray at the school’s chapels “and at the cathedral that looms over the entire campus – the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.”


Belief Net News reported the story:

GWU Law School Professor John Banzhaf takes the Catholic institution to task for acting “probably with malice” against Muslim students in a 60-page complaint that cites “offensive” Catholic imagery all over the Catholic school, which he says hinder Muslims from praying.

Baffled Catholic University officials say they have never received a complaint from any of the schools Muslim students.

Banzhaf, who already has a pending lawsuit against the university over ending its policy of allowing mixed-gender dormitories and has a history of filing civil rights suits on such topics as childhood obesity and smoking, filed the complaint alleging that Muslim students are not given their own prayer rooms.

He alleges that the university, “does not provide space – as other universities do – for the many daily prayers Muslim students must make, forcing them instead to find temporarily empty classrooms where they are often surrounded by Catholic symbols which are incongruous to their religion,” according to the Tower, Catholic University’s student newspaper.

Watch ‘Muslims students Want to remove Jesus from Catholic Schools’

Read the full story at Top Right News

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  1. First! Get the hell out of Christian schools if you’re offended by religious symbols! Second! Get the hell out of our country because you aren’t wanted by anyone except by Obama the terrorist and the entire left that bends over and takes it from Obama while Obama bends over and takes it from Muslim leaders!!!!

    • Jeez, from the looks of this thread, Catholics have gone to hell in a hand basket since I went to Catholic school. So quick to judge a story that is probably false. Shame on all of you.

      • Dear Liz: Have you not been following Muslim persecution of Christians in mid-East and in many Asian countries? And what to say about France… Christians stoned during masses, churches vandalized – some are torched, the same with cemeteries, Christian statues, Christian funeral processions… and then, we have the poor Jews also.
        Everybody was tolerant, turned the other cheek, gave them what they wanted to keep the peace… it’s useless, problem just gets worse.
        It’s called Islamic Supremacy.

      • Liz: Forgot to mention Belgium also where it is now forbidden for Christians in Brussels to put up exterior Christmas decorations for fear of possible violence and offense…

        • This is the problem our governments got us into and they are supposed to be looking out for our welfare. They are our Civil Servants. Neither you nor I have seen to it that they be reminded. What have you done to uphold what you thing? BTW, I direct this question to myself. I found my candidate for 2016. HAVE YOU?

      • Liz, as an ex Catholic, I think the Crucifix is OBSCENE. I ask whether anyone here would choose to exhibit the mutilation of their son as a memorial. It’s a savage as these beheadings.

        • Is there something mentally wrong with you? I fought 18 months in Viet Nam and I can tell you for a fact, that is not mutilation. You want to see mutilation, go to war for 18 months and then we’ll talk mutilation!

    • exactly why are they even in a CATHOLIC ( CATHOLIC) CATHOLIC ( CATHOLIC) SCHOOL ????? it’s for catholic’s that’s why it’s called a catholic school what the F is wrong with this?? have Americans forgot what we were fighting for all these years if you don’t like the way America is LEAVE go find a place where your kind belong ! not in the FREE world

      • What are you doing to support your beliefs? Do you have a candidate for 2016 who is not one of the Good Ole Boys?

    • Well, before all this anger started between some Muslims and Christians, I felt it was a HORRIBLE practice to reveal the horrors of the Bible or any book. Ignore who is making the comments about the Crucifix. Put you thinking caps on and be very honest, is it not TWISTED to exhibit what happened to Christ which is horrific, brutal and uncivilized?

      Now, lets look at a parallel and reverse the roles. Let’s say we started broadcasting a live beheading for every Crucifix exhibited. What does that make you feel?

      I HONESTLY THINK CATHOLICISM IS TWISTED IN VARIOUS WAYS. (I was raised Catholic and was educated in a Catholic school) Because of those ways, I refused to continue to follow these TWISTED IDEAS.

      • I too quit going to a Catholic Church b/c of some of the beliefs and I was raised Catholic. I have a very good friend who says all Religions are Cults and I tend to believe him. When you think about it, they get you as a kid and brainwash you into believing what they want you too!

    • Read the article – the headline is wrong. No Muslim students have complained. Not one. And none support the lawsuit, which was filed by a left-wing nut job from another university.

  2. They had better not try to enroll in Jewish schools, and try that crap! We won’t put up with it for one damn minute! If something “offends” you, then get your ass the bloody hell out…fast, or we’ll kick it out!!!

    • Okay, did ANYONE bother to READ the article beyond the headline??? Seriously. A law professor at a RIVAL UNIVERSITY, who already has an outstanding lawsuit with this university, filed this lawsuit. The school stated in THIS article they have had NO complaints from their Muslim students. And yes, they do go to a Catholic school, maybe because they believe in a higher power just like Catholics. I also read another article where the professor who is bringing the suit admits he has not been able to find A SINGLE Muslim student to sign onto this case. But apparently the media doesn’t even have to lie to you guys to make you hate Muslims. No, they tell you all the facts and still you hate them for something they haven’t even done!! READING IS FUNDAMENTAL PEOPLE.

      • Cynthia, et al,

        Muslims built their beliefs on the Torah, Bible and completed the message from God by the Koran. They hold Mary, mother of Christ very highly in their respect. They do not believe in the Holy Trinity. They believe that Christ is one of the highly regarded Prophets who conveyed the message from God to us here on Earth.

  3. Ok,I don’t identify with any specific religion. But even before I address the issue at hand here I have to say that as interviews go (as a means to inform people of something )this one was completely ridiculous. Regardless if I agree with what’s being asked from this Catholic University or not, it would help to hear what the Muslim person being interviewed had to say instead of bashing him each time he opened his mouth.The man wasn’t able to finish one sentence! Not what an interview should be, and rude to boost. That said I agree with the fact that as a Muslim person applying to and being accepted in a Catholic University, one would expect to not only see crucifixes and other images of Catholic persuasion, but also understand that the University as private institution certainly does not have to change to accommodate persons of different faith that chose to enroll there knowing it is a Catholic institution.
    As a means of good will at the most, the University could create some space so Muslim students would be able to congregate for their prayers but does not have to. Regardless of what other Catholic schools do or not. It’s not a given and this is the main point that seems to have people stirred up about. The feeling of entitlement nowadays seems to be general and creates more arguments and anger than anything else. However, interviews such as these just add to the fire instead of seeking information and understanding.The other two men in the interview raised a few acceptable points but lost all reason by not being able to respectfully listen and then commenting.

    • First off this is a CATHOLIC school. Don’t ask to go there and change it to your Muslim ways. This is freaking absurd. If I was a parent of a child at this school and they removed the Crosses I would encourage every parent to do the same. This shit is absolutely outrageous. Does any American go to anothr Country and file discrimination> Hell no! If you don’t like it here then pack your ass up and get OUT!

    • No private institution needs to provide any Muslim a location to pray. Having spent many years in Muslim country’s when prayer time comes they stop where ever they are, what they are doing and pray right there on the spot. I do agree that it is ridiculous to think anyone with differing religious opinions enrolling into a religious institution would really believe they would be catered to. Oh wait, Muslim’s do. They believe they are the only religion on earth that is right. Instead of keeping an open mind that they are worshiping a prophet not God himself.

    • WHY??? They have no intention of praying in a Catholic school! They do these things to disrupt and destroy what others believe! Have you not heard them say they are going to kill EVERYONE that doesn’t believe in the religion they believe, WE are infidels and honey that includes you! Don’t you understand that??? Wake up!

      • Not kill EVERYONE. Aren’t all religions taught us that we should be kind to other religions as well??

        Have you heard the word of a ‘overly-religious’ people?? Other people of other religions would also did the same thing. The ‘overly-religious’ people who told others to take off their *insert religions’ symbol* or tried to forced others into their religions are the one who misunderstood the true meaning from what they learn. Even my teacher didn’t taught us about this. Our prophet didn’t even forced others into our religion but spreading what’s the good it is in the religion. Is it the same goes for Jesus Christ?? I do not know much about Jesus Christ but from what others says he’s the Son of God.

        If a Christian man raided a wedding, the social medias wouldn’t say it’s a Christian man but a man and no one bats an eye. If it’s a Muslim who raided it, it would say a Muslim man and everyone loses their minds. Whatever the social media says, you believed it like “OH BOY!! It’s on the internet! It must be true!!” Just like about a lady who said about what’s in the Quran. She got the false information and why would someone sells the Quran in the first place if it says bad things about our religions? Would you like it if its a reverse? No. No one does.

        I have a lot of friends of different religions and races and I treated them the same as I treated everyone, being kind. In the internet, school, outside and overseas. Once my Chinese friend told me, three group of Muslim girls are blackmailing her and she almost got kicked out of school because she refuses to enter Islam when they tried to force her into. I was quite offended and I told her to tell me which class they’re from and who because I wanted to throw everything I had to them.

        I’m a Muslim(Not that religious though compare to my family members) and I have an overly-religious family who does not like Jews and boycotting Israels’ products.(I bought their stuff secretly without them knowing because I do not want to get yelled at just like last time and sometimes I told my Chinese friend to lied to them that she bought them for me just like McDonald. I missed McFlurry…) I’m quite ashamed of my family who treated others differently due to their religions, but I know that our Prophet must not be proud from how they’re treating others. Well, I don’t feel comfortable wearing hijab even though my family insisted and I remembered that in our religion, we don’t force them to wear hijab and it’s up to the owner’s mind and body if they wanted to wear or not. I also didn’t always pray 5 times a day and sometimes lied to my mother that I prayed.

        I learnt from my religion teacher who said “Those who treated others badly but always pray would go to Hell. Those who treated others kindly but rarely prays shall go to Heaven.” It’s about treating others kindly and being peaceful. I love the words Muhammad once said “Rich or poor. High statues or not. Other nationalities. We must treated others equally even in other religions.” I also heard that all the Prophets in other religions (maybe) said the same things. Oh and also the words that Jesus said “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” – Matthew 5:43-48.

        I’m apparently REALLY offended and upset with the behaviours these Muslims students did to the Catholic School. They know it’s a Catholic school, yet they went there and they should have known what they’re facing. I’m UPSET with anyone who treated others like these students does. Same goes for those who treated others by nationalities or skin colours. Ain’t lots of people said “Do not judge the books by it covers.”? Everyone have a sin, right? Everyone did the rights and wrongs, so am I. I stole my mom’s money when I was small cause I wanted to buy an ice cream and I shouted back to my mom because I couldn’t get the action figure that I wanted.

        I do not like my family that much but I have to treat them kindly because who knows how long they would live and also Muhammad said that we can’t live forever and we would regretted with ourselves because we couldn’t say ‘I’m sorry for everything I had done to you’ when they got into an accident and passed away too sudden. Everyday, we take our risks. We’re a human being, man. There’s bad and good people out there, and knowing and making friends to a stranger is up to you and your choices.

        For those who stopped by and take their time to read this. Thank you.

  4. Here I do agree that if they don’t like it, go to a different school. It’s the right of a private school to hold to their doctrines, the people of other religions who attend that school do so with the understanding their faith conflicts with the faith of the school they choose to attend. With that being said, the school should not be compelled to make changed to accommodate those who make a choice to attend their school. That’s not to say, as other schools have, that they won’t at some point choose to set accommodations for other faiths, it’s only to say that NO LAW is present to use ANY government authority to force the change.

  5. Really……it’s a Catholic School……..if u don’t agree with the religion….don’t send ur kids there and quit ur bitchin’…….u don’t see catholics or protestants sending their kids to Muslim (Arabic) schools and then bitchin’ about what’s taught there……..please ppl get over it and for Gods sake or Allah’s or whoever…..can’t we just TRY to get along without being a buntch of petty nit-pickers and haters???? Can we just all forget the drama of just stirring the pot????

  6. Stupid islamics can’t keep their God-hating selves out God-loving places. They’re constantly going where they’re not welcomed just so they can cause problems for Christians. They’re not content enough to stay in their own country where they’re free to beat, rape and murder women and little girls, they’ve got to spread their satanic ways to all other countries, beheading Christians, throwing acid in the faces of ilslamic women and little girls and taking over whole towns, running native citizens out of town with violence. They cry about the way countries are that they inhabit instead of accepting the culture and laws of that country. They also expect countries to provide food and shelter for them; they’re leeches. islam is a cult and its male followers are Insecure, stupid and perverted. The female followers are brain washed.

  7. This appears to be another ploy from Muslim haters – at first my blood pressure went up at the notion that anyone was complaining about crucifixes in Catholic school classrooms, and then I dug deeper. This story was originally written by and published in a right-wing Muslim-hating periodical…/ – I do not believe it’s true. If it is, it was filed by someone trying to make Muslims look bad, What a surprise. I’m betting this story is planted by anti-Muslim haters, just like the law suit. Please, people, this is propoganda planted to propagate more hate. Use your heads, take a minute to examine what you read!

  8. Islam is not protected by the U.S. Constitution, know the truth stop the liars of our times from holding convention of states, once opened and held they can change anything in the constitution. NO CONVENTION OF STATES, they will for sure remove what protects us if we would just know the truth. We have been deceived and not taught the truth about our constitution in order to allow for multicultural lies to prime the USA for invasion of Islam. Watch know the truth>

  9. Nice. Instead of addressing the issue, you’re pushing your own agenda. Was doing that making some sort of statement? I doubt you’re that bright.

  10. So if this article isn’t “true” because it’s on the internet does that also mean that the beheadings, burning alive, shooting, stabbings, raping, and killing of Christians in the Middle East and in Africa are not true as well? Islam has no place in the US. Islam is not welcome in the US. Islam has never been welcomed here and never will by Americans. The fact that they are crossing our southern border in droves should worry every American. The fact that the POTUS is allowing and advertizing that they can should scare the shit out of every American. The problem is that the elite want America to fall and they are really good at destroying nations no matter which one it is. Look what they did to the USSR. Soon our border will vanish, our constitution destroyed, our military so weak it won’t be able to defend our sovereignty much less help our citizens abroad, and the “millinials” that are growing up and raised by the state will have jelly for a backbone, wear skirts, and bend over any time someone sneezes. I saw a bank manager wearing make-up like a woman. I see young males making out wherever they want. I see the America that was once revered and respected dead and buried. I remember when people from all over the world looked up to us and wanted to be like us. I remember when we did great things, made huge strides in science, medicine, and had a strong economy. I remember when men acted like men. There’s nothing of that left anymore and our “leaders” (which are supposed to be our “representatives”)have sold us down the river. You know who i’m talking about… the Clintons, Bush’s, and Obama, including their minions are the latest version of benedict Arnolds. And now I see us fight amongst ourselves in every way possible. Race, class, gender, age, education, occupation, etc. If you haven’t already guessed the America I grew up loving has gone away. I’m proud and honored to have known her when she was still great. The experiment has ended and now the old will be exterminated to make way for the new. peace

  11. Well duh there r going to b crosses it is a catholic college. If u r not catholic and it offends u that there r catholic crosses at a catholic school than for the love of God get the hell out of a catholic school. Idiots.

  12. Crosses offends Muslims? Hijabs offends me, niqabs offends me, beardie weirdies offends me. This is the U.S. – it’s not an Islamic country. If they’re so offended they can LEAVE the U.S. – no great loss for us. STOP the Islamization of America.

  13. No Muslim is asking for anything here the suit was filed by a leftist professor from rival George Washington University.

  14. The headline is false. Untrue. Inaccurate. NO Muslim student has complained. This has been reprinted and reposted with the same misleading headline, and it’s obvious from the responses who has and who hasn’t read the entire article. Again: No CU student has complained to CU’s administration, and NONE, not one, ‘0’ Muslim CU students have joined John Banzhaf’s lawsuit. This is unexcuasable on a website that claims to be about truth.


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