Cruz On Iran Prisoner Deal: ‘PROPAGANDA For Iran And The Obama Administration’

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz spoke at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Saturday about the Iran prisoner swap deal, calling it “a piece of propaganda for Iran and the Obama administration.”


Cruz echoed the feelings of many Americans, we are happy about the release of four American prisoners by Iran but “we’ve got to shake our heads at how this happened.”

He went on to say that “there is a false moral equivalence in a deal like this” and that the deal “serves as a piece of propaganda for Iran and the Obama administration.”

Cruz took advantage of the opportunity to go after his rivals Sen. Marco Rubio and Donald Trump without directly naming them.

He told the audience of a few hundred to beware “when someone announces as a republican candidate for president” and then “suddenly they agree with your values.”

Breitbart reported that Cruz has been engaging in a heated back and forth with Trump after Cruz accused Trump of embodying “New York values.”

The Texas senator also hit Trump for his support of ethanol subsidies, an issue important to voters in Iowa.

“You can’t call yourself a tea party member and support ethanol mandate because its good politics in Iowa,” he said.

Cruz hit Rubio on his support of the federal sugar program saying that Rubio can’t call himself a tea party member and then “support the sugar subsidies because its good politics in florida.”

Rubio has been a long supporter of sugar subsidies, which drive up the price of of sugar for American consumers. His support of sugar subsidies is believed to be because of his close relationship with Jose “Pepe Fanjul,” the Florida billionaire sugar mogul who has been a longtime donor to Rubio.

HT Breitbart News 

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