Culture DESTRUCTION: De Blasio Wants Christopher Columbus Statue Removed – ITALIANS LIVID! (Video)


A rally was held in New York on Thursday that left Italian Americans livid over the prospect of the Christopher Columbus monument being removed from Columbus Circle.

The removal of Confederate monuments has provoked a fire storm reaction from all of us that believe that our history must be preserved.  While removing these monuments may be a temporary victory for the left – in the end, removing them does not erase the events of history, nor does it set the country on a path of healing.

History and it’s monuments are not only meant to benchmark an event, a person, or a time in our history, they are meant to teach and learn to remind ourselves to be better.  Separation by race was fought and won.   President Donald Trump was correct when he asked, “When does it stop?”

New York City’s left-wing mayor Bill de Blasio has confirmed he will consider a proposal to remove a statue of the explorer Christopher Columbus and has ordered a review of all the city’s statues and monuments following violent clashes between white nationalists and Antifa in Charlottesville last weekend, Vote us reports.

His consideration follows a rally held by City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and other elected Democrats calling for the removal of a statue of 19th Century doctor J. Marion Sims from Central Park. Sims is known to have experimented on African slaves.

Sims, dubbed the “father of modern gynecology,” experimented on un-consenting African slaves as part of his research.

During the rally, Mark-Viverito also suggested that removing the statue of the legendary explorer Columbus needed to be “looked at” due to his being a “controversial figure.”

“I think that that has to be looked at and we have to look at history,” she said during the rally. “We have to look at it thoroughly. He is a controversial figure and I know that some may take offense to that, but for many of us that come from the Caribbean islands, we see him as a controversial figure.”

In the wake of a widespread attempt by left-wing activists to remove statues of historical figures all across America, de Blasio has ordered a 90-day review of all New York’s statues and monuments and their historical links and will analyze each one on a case by case basis.

“The Columbus statue is obviously one that will get very immediate attention because there’s been tremendous concern raised about it,” Ben Sarle, a mayoral spokesman, told the Observer in an emailed statement. “When the guidelines/criteria for review are set by the commission, we will make sure they are available to the public.”

In a letter to De Basilio, Staten Island Councilman Joe Borelli (R) urged the mayor to present a “clear and concise document” on what criteria must be fulfilled for statues to be removed.

“Although your intentions may be well placed, I fear that an examination into these particular statues, as well as the many others the city hopes to ‘review,’ will present complex and cloudy historical interpretations that will only serve to deepen gaps between people of New York with different backgrounds and historical worldviews,” he wrote. “I will also bluntly remind you that it will not change the history of those they commemorate, controversial or otherwise.”

Vandals continued the targeting of historical monuments and statues in recent days – including one of Christopher Columbus.

“This is happening everywhere,” Kevin Caira, the president of the Sons of Italy’s Commission for Social Justice, told The Baltimore Sun.

Caira spoke after an unidentified person destroyed the lettering on a statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore’s Herring Run Park Monday.

The person used a sledgehammer to smash letters that read: “Sacred to the memory of Chris. Columbus, Octob. XII, MDCCVIIIC” on the 225-year-old monument, The Sun reported. The destruction was recorded and posted on YouTube, although faces were hidden.

“Christopher Columbus symbolizes the initial invasion of European capitalism into the Western Hemisphere,” a male narrator said in the video. “Columbus initiated a centuries-old wave of terrorism, murder, rape, slavery, genocide, ecological degradation and capitalist exploitation of labor in the Americas.”

“Racist monuments to slave owners and murderers have always bothered me,” the narrator added, calling the monuments “hate-filled” and symbols of white supremacy.

He dismissed Columbus and George Washington as genocidal terrorists.

“Part of our evolution as humans requires tearing down monuments to destructive forces and tearing down systems that maintain them,” he said.

The statue is the oldest monument to Christopher Columbus in the United States.

Other Statues Under Attack

Other monuments defaced include:

  • The Lincoln Memorial in Washington. The National Park Service reported that someone sprayed the words “F**K law” on one of its columns on Aug. 16.
  • A 114-year-old Confederate memorial in Baltimore was covered with red paint on Aug. 14, The Sun reported.
  • A monument to Confederate troops at Arizona’s state capitol in Phoenix was vandalized on Aug. 17, CNN reported.
  • Columns were painted red at a private Confederate Memorial Park in Tampa on Aug. 13, CNN reported.
  • A peace monument that depicted a Confederate soldier was defaced in Georgia.
  • A bust of Lincoln was set on fire and defaced in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood.
  • Houston resident Andrew Cecil Schenk wanted to go even farther. He was caught trying to plant a bomb on a statue of a Confederate officer named Richard Dowling, NBC News

It looks as if no monument is safe in America.

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