DC Lawyer Says Informant Ties BARACK OBAMA to Uranium One Scandal (Video)

DC Lawyer Says Informant Ties BARACK OBAMA to Uranium One Scandal (Video)

Washington DC lawyer Victoria Toensing, a former Reagan Justice Department official and former chief counsel of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said she is working with members of Congress to see if they can get the Trump’s Justice Department, or the FBI, to free her client to talk to lawmakers.

Toensing says her client has information that Barack Obama received information on Russia’s criminal plot to corner the market on uranium in his daily briefings and still approved the sale of one-fifth of American uranium to the Russians.

Toensing explained that her undercover client witnessed “a lot of bribery going on around the U.S,” but was asked by the FBI to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) that prevents him from revealing what he knows to Congress.

Attorney Victoria Toensing: My client was told this information, now maybe the bureau is bluffing, but I don’t think so because they were very specific. They said that the briefing made it into President Obama’s daily briefing papers, so I don’t think they made that up.

Sean Hannity: Let me get this straight – so Mueller, Rosenstein, maybe even Comey at the time and the President of the United States, certainly Eric Holder, who was head of the DOJ, they all knew that they had all of this information that the Russians had infiltrated with the purpose of a criminal enterprise to corner the market on uranium, the foundational material for a nuclear bomb.

Toensing’s client is an American businessman who worked for years undercover as an FBI confidential informant. The man was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from telling Congress about the conversations and transactions he witnessed related to the Russian effort to win favor with Bill and Hillary Clinton and influence Obama administration decisions.

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