DECEPTION: Pentagon ‘ISIS Second In Command Killed In US Raid’; He Was, LAST YEAR (Video)

DECEPTION: Pentagon ‘ISIS Second In Command Killed In US Raid’; He Was, LAST YEAR (Video)

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that the second-in-command of the Islamic State was killed by US forces in an air strike in northern Iraq, and he was, but not last week when they are claiming, he was killed in May 2015.


Defense Secretary Ash Carter, accompanied by Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, announced US forces killed a senior Islamic State leader this week. Photo / AP

Carter declined to say whether Hiji Iman had been killed by a drone strike or bombing raid and would not specify when, or where the incident took place.

“I’m not going to say where and how it was done,” he said. “But the only thing I will say it is consistent with our strategy there which is to put pressure on ISIL every single way we can, from the leadership right down to supporting local forces on the ground.”

Pay close attention to Carter’s wording, he says ‘we killed several key ISIL terrorists this week, including we ‘BELIEVE’ Haji Iman who was an ISIL senior leader…’

Haji Iman, also known as Abdul Rahman Mustafa Mohammed, and Abu Alaa al-Afari, was killed alongside dozens of militants who he had been meeting with at the al-Shuhada (Martyrs) mosque in the village of al-Iyadhiya, near Tal Afar, where he was reportedly a well-known preacher, spokesman Brig-Gen Tahsin Ibrahim said in May 2015.

However, the US military later denied coalition planes had attacked a mosque.

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Obama was the first sitting U.S. President to visit Cuba in 88 years, his trip was intended to normalize diplomatic relations but the ensuing result was being mocked for doing the wave at a baseball game with Cuban President Raúl Castro.  


Rather then return to the United States following the Brussels terrorist attack he continued on to Argentina where video and photos of him and Michelle doing the tango quickly circulated social media.


Which brings us to the Pentagon’s announcement that ISIS’ second in command and top leader Omar al-Shishani were killed during an operation this week.

What a convenient distraction from what a disgrace, President Obama is. 


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