‘Deep State’ Book Claims White House Officials Discussed ’25th Amendment’


President Trump’s unprecedented rise to power has been fraught with blockades from the left, undoubtedly, as the conspiring of the Deep State “swamp” continues to run perpendicular to his plans.

This was a central theme of the 2016 Trump campaign as well, with the New York City business mogul consistently promising to “drain the swamp” upon his election to the highest office in the country.  He knew that this would be a nasty, bitter march through the heart of the Deep State, but Trump was was determined and saw their threats as a challenge.

Now, as he continues to root out corruption and collusion, the seedy underbelly of Washington DC Swamp is biting back, attempting to sow discord within the West Wing through the release of a tawdry tome on the subject of the Washington establishment.

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein expected that former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions would back the use of the 25th Amendment against President Trump, but miscalculated and was eventually forced out, a new book claims.

James B. Stewart, the author of “Deep State,” appeared on MSNBC to discuss the revelations, and said Rosenstein was fully serious about wearing a wire to entrap the president. He also felt he could count on cabinet members to forcibly remove Trump if that failed.

“[Rosenstein]… denied saying that he wanted to invoke the 25th Amendment. But there are also witnesses to that conversation, and he even named two cabinet-level people who were going to support that — namely John Kelly, the chief of staff, and [Jeff] Sessions, the attorney general.”

The 25th Amendment has been interpreted by anti-Trumpers to be an avenue to remove the President from office – something that constitutional scholars have yet to expressly adjudicate.

At issue is the fact that the Democrats have been calling for President Trump to be impeached since the day he took office, which exposes their true intent and bias. Trump defied the Deep State when he stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton, and for that alone, they will never accept him as President.