‘This is Deeply Disingenuous’: Tucker Takes Rob Reiner to Task Over ‘War With Russia’ Claim (Video)


The Liberal MEAT HEAD is at it again. Where is the evidence that makes the left “KNOW” that Russia influenced or had any effect on the election? Where Rob Reiner, WHERE?

One year of investigations, absolutely zero proof has been brought to light. With the exceptions of New York Times “unnamed sources” and accusations that have turned up zero, nada, nothing burgers, nothing of Russia meddling in our elections or cyber warfare.

NOTHING whatsoever has been proven, ZERO!

Did Russia make the DNC nominate Hillary Clinton? Did Russia put Bernie, a self admitted socialist Democrat up against her? No!

What we do have is proof of Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Valery Jarrett, Barack Obama, George Soros, Debbie Schultz, Dona Brazile and many more Liberal left Democrats engaged in deep state criminal activity with absolutely zero accountability; no investigation, Grand Jury, criminal charges, prosecution or convictions on treason, espionage, murder, the list just keeps running on and on.

NOTHING, a lawless out of control Shadow Government is trying to silence and subjugate a lawfully elected President standing alone on a proverbial stranded island in a sea of hungry Swamp rats.

Reiner and actor Morgan Freeman collaborated to release a video calling on the public to understand that Russia has attacked the United States’ democracy, Fox News reported.

“We have been attacked… We are at war… The free world is counting on us for leadership. For 241 years, our democracy has been a shining example to the world for what we can all aspire to [be],” Freeman says in the video.

“How would you respond if President Trump took you seriously and sent the B-52s to St. Petersburg or blockaded the Gulf of Finland? Would you support that?” Carlson asked. “When does the bombing start, exactly.”

We’re at war alright, from one side; the Left has declared war against President Donald Trump. And that is the issue we should be concerned with – not Russia fake news interference into the election that “What Happened” Hillary Clinton lost.
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