Dem Rep Garamendi: ‘This Presidency is a Very Serious Security Threat’ – ‘Time to Get This Guy Out’ (Video)

Dem Rep Garamendi: ‘This Presidency is a Very Serious Security Threat’ – ‘Time to Get This Guy Out’ (Video)

Friday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) criticized how President Donald Trump is handling matters with Russia saying he was “a very serious security threat” to the United States.

Rather than focusing on important newsworthy issues, Wolf Blitzer was obsessed with talking about allegations from porn star Stormey Daniels about an affair she alleges took place over a decade ago.

When Blitzer asked about Daniels, Garamendi said:

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“I don’t know. This whole thing is spinning out of control. We have the president of the United States in a situation where his entire White House is falling apart. And just yesterday, we learned that Russia is hacking into our essential utilities, nuclear power plants, on and on and on. This presidency is a very serious security threat to the United States. If that security threat goes to these women, it is just one more thing. I have to say. It is time to get this guy out of there.”

He continued:

“I’ve had it with this president. We have a situation in which he has been one year, not pushing back against Putin in Russia. During that entire year, Russia has not only continued to hack our election processes but also hacking into, gaining control of nuclear power plants, water systems, sanitation systems, aviation systems. That is an act of war, nothing less.”

How convenient for Garamendi and Blitzer to forget that additional sanctions were placed on Russia in August 2017. The legislation provoked countermeasures by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in response ordered the U.S. diplomatic mission in Russia to reduce its staff by 755 people. Russia also seized two properties near Moscow used by American diplomats.

On impeachment, he added:

“It would be an article of impeachment if he hasn’t done what he can do to protect the very essential elements of this nation—our grids, our nuclear. It is one more thing on top of all this other stuff.”

Good thing President Trump and his administration are taking appropriate actions, we would not want fake news impeachment threats to be the focus of the mainstream media.


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