Dem Senator Blames Russia For Illegal Aliens Shouting Down Pelosi at Presser (Video)


In an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday morning, Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) said that the Russians are to blame for House Minority Nancy Pelosi being yelled at by a group of illegal aliens.

As Truth Uncensored previously reported, Pelosi was ambushed by a large group of illegal aliens who call themselves the “Immigration Liberation Movement” on Monday, warning Pelosi not to “sell [us] out.”

Pelosi was clearly overwhelmed and struggled to maintain control when the group shouted her down and unfurled a large banner calling for all illegal aliens to be legalized.

The activists chanted “Brown power!” In a show of “intersectionality” — solidarity among left-wing groups — they also chanted “Trans lives matter!” and other slogans, while Pelosi stood silently behind the throng.

“You met with Trump, and you call that resistance?” they shouted in unison.

CNN’s Camerota played a clip of the protest and asked Shaheen why they were protesting Pelosi.

The Daily Caller reports:

When asked why the activists were targeting Pelosi, who has been working with President Trump to try to strike a deal on DACA, Shaheen struggled to give an answer.

 “Why, of all people, is [Pelosi] getting the backlash from DREAMers?” asked CNN host Alisyn Camerota.

“DREAMers and young people across the country are frustrated, and they want to go to college and join the military and get jobs and be Americans, which is what they are. This is the only country most of them have ever known,” Shaheen answered, largely dodging the question as to why the activists have turned their anger on Democrats.

When pressed repeatedly on whether Pelosi’s collaboration with Trump on DACA, which has angered left-wing activists, led to the anti-Pelosi protests, Shaheen suggested instead that Russia was to blame.

You’ll have to ask them. Who knows what stirred up this kind of animosity. What we know we know about the Russians and their interference in the 2016 elections is that they tried to increase divisions within this country,” Shaheen said.

“We saw it again in Charlottesville. We don’t know what’s behind this, but what we do know is we need to take action to protect the DREAMers to allow them to stay in America.”


Calling President Donald Trump a racist is wearing off so I guess we are back to the Russians.


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