Democrats Pushing To Require Liability Insurance To Purchase Guns

Democrats Pushing To Require Liability Insurance To Purchase Guns

President Obama and his band of gun crazed Democrats keep coming up with new ways to hinder law-abiding Americans from purchasing and owning guns.


Democrats in four states are pushing to require gun buyers to acquire liability insurance before being allowed to purchase a firearm.

Apparently, they are not aware that insurance companies don’t insure against ‘criminal acts’, making it impossible for gun owners to obtain such insurance.

Breitbart reported that those pushing the mandate are Hawaiian state Senator Josh Green (D-Dist. 3), New Hampshire state Representative  Katherine Rogers (D-Dist. 28), New York City Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn), and Los Angeles County Democrat Supervisor Mark-Ridley Thomas.

All four Democrats want would-be gun owners to acquire liability insurance for gun ownership in the same way car owners purchase insurance for their vehicles. The amount of insurance required would vary lawmaker to lawmaker, but the New York Daily News reports that Ortiz wants would-be gun owners to acquire $250,000 in liability insurance first.

According to, fines are also being proposed for those who acquire insurance to buy a gun, then drop the insurance once they have the gun in their possession. In Hawaii, a $10,000 fine is being proposed for gun owners who do not maintain liability insurance.

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The lawmakers maintain that the proceeds from the insurance settlements “would go to offset costs associated with victims or public agencies impacted by gun violence.” This same argument has been used to pass a “violence tax” in Chicago and Seattle, only to see crime surge in Chicago thereafter.

Of course, adding the insurance premium to the price of a gun would quickly put guns out of the financial reach of many poor families and single mothers in troubled neighborhoods, whose first – and perhaps, only line of defense is the gun they keep to protect them from criminals. 



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