Dershowitz: They Should Be Hanging Their Head in Shame ’This is a ‘Very, Very Bad Day for CNN’ (Video)

Dershowitz: They Should Be Hanging Their Head in Shame ’This is a ‘Very, Very Bad Day for CNN’ (Video)

President Trump was exonerated of Russian collusion, CNN and their reporters should be ashamed.

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz reacted to the release of the letter from Attorney General William Barr to Congress about the findings of Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

Appearing on Fox News Channel following the release of the Barr’s letter, Dershowitz criticized Mueller for not making a definitive statement on the obstruction of justice claim. However, he also condemned CNN for its handling of the news coverage of the entire Russian-collusion saga, Breitbart reported.

“This is a good day for the president,” Dershowitz said. “It’s a very, very bad day for CNN. I have to tell you, they should be hanging their head in shame when you think about how many people went out on a limb and predicted there would be indictments for obstruction.

There would be indictments for collusion. There would be indictments for this and for that. They made it seem like it was an open-and-shut case. And they misinformed the American public. They have to have some public accountability when you say things that turn out not to be true.”

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From RT:

Meanwhile, the lack of a definitive conclusion to the investigation has spurred Democrats, like Rep. Jerrod Nadler of New York, to call for both Special Counsel Mueller and the evidence he gathered throughout the course of his investigation to be subpoenaed.

For this exact reason, Dershowitz advocates that prosecutors should remain silent on they decisions not to indict lest their statements be weaponized by partisans on both sides of a political battle.

Dershowitz acknowledges that, in the case of special counsels, regulations do not require the attorney general to weigh in on the subjects of the investigation, or to publish the evidence contained therein, merely to announce the findings and recommendations on whether to indict or not.

Furthermore, Mueller’s reluctance to engage with the subject matter of the investigation places Barr in the unenviable position of deciding whether to redact the final report or not.

With the media and the Democrats baying for blood, and the latter already threatening to subpoena the information anyway, Barr may feel pressured into releasing the full report as is.

While Dershowitz lauds the Mueller probe for, as he puts it, coming “to the right conclusion about Russia – there was no collusion between Trump, his campaign or associates with Russia to win the election,” he also laments the unsatisfactory conclusion.

“Mueller seems to have conducted a generally fair investigation. But he failed to come to a clear decision about obstruction of justice. That was his job and he should have done it,” the legal expert concludes.


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