DHS Whistleblower: ‘Obama Deliberately Dismantling Americas Defenses’ (Video)


A Department of Homeland Security officer who worked deep inside the federal government said that President Obama is deliberately ‘dismantling’ Americas defenses.

In a radio interview this week, Philip Haney charged that President Obama has not faithfully carried out his duty to guard Americans against terrorism, WND reported. Haney said he and his colleagues collected a vast amount of information on terrorist networks.

“We’ve done our job,” he told host Alex Jones. “But the administration literally, deliberately and intentionally has refused to acknowledge the existence of this information.”

Haney, author of the smash bestseller “See Something, Say Nothing,” once spearheaded investigations at the National Targeting Center, which provides information in real time to Customs and Border Protection agents making decisions about who to let into the country.

He specialized in finding the connections between different groups and individuals before they could strike. However, an investigation into a global network known as Tablighi Jamaat was shut down by Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the DHS because of fears that it violated the civil rights and civil liberties of Muslims. Haney believes that if the case he helped develop had been allowed to continue, it might have prevented Sunday’s terrorist attack in Orlando and the attack in San Bernardino, California, in December.


Haney described how the Obama administration dismantled the national security apparatus painstakingly created to protect Americans from terrorism after 9/11.

“The Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, was founded to gather first-level intelligence information at the border,” he explained. “This means gathering information when you encounter people coming back from flights from overseas or when you’re preparing to depart, to go outbound as we called it.

“We have, within the border, a greater amount of authority than the CIA and the FBI combined to gather this kind of basic intelligence information,” he continued.

“And over the years, we have been handcuffed more and more to the point where we are barely capable of gathering the kind of information we could then share, let’s say, with the FBI, and collaborate with them for effective law enforcement.

Haney charged the president and other officials with dereliction of duty.

“It’s an abrogation of the basic responsibility of any elected official to uphold the constitutional mandate to protect Americans from threats both foreign and domestic,” he said. “We’re talking here about a macro-level abrogation that’s putting us all at threat. And as long as we stand by and allow the administration to misinform us and disinform us, then we’re going to see the same results we’ve seen so far over and over again.”

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