Did Google’s Tweet For BLM ‘Racial Justice’ Incite The Dallas Shooting?


When you consider the number of mass shootings that have taken place in 2016 alone it’s a very disturbing picture of Obama’s presidency.  One might think these events were orchestrated to help him implement his gun control policies and ban on so called ‘assault’ weapons.

Did Obama, the “racial unifer”, the Nobel Peace Prize president who was going to “stop the rise of the oceans” and “heal our planet”, use his relationship with Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, an ardent Obama supporter to take the heat off FBI Director James Comey and Hillary Clinton?

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The Obama Administration no longer attempts to camouflage their actions as the events of the past week illustrate.  They’re either convinced we’re stupid or they just don’t care what we think any longer. 

From Godfather Bill Clinton’s law-breaking meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, to Hillary Clinton publicly bribing Lynch with the promise of on-going employment, to FBI Director James Comey ignoring a century old law, Obama and his staffers now operate with wanton disregard for the rule of law.

The news surrounding the presumed Democratic nominee was becoming too damaging – the one poll taken solely after Comey’s decision showed Trump now leading Clinton by 2 points – rendering wasted the twenty-six million dollars in negative advertising against Donald Trump that the Clinton campaign had spent in June.

Obama knew something was needed to reclaim the narrative after House Republicans exposed the FBI Director yesterday in what appeared to be a complete evisceration of his assertions delivered during his Tuesday morning statement.  The longer discussions of Hillary’s emails dominated the headlines the further she was sinking in the polls.

That is why the timing of last night’s massacre of Dallas police and the military orchestration with which it was executed suggests Obama called in a favor from his allies within and without the Black Lives Matter community.

Google twittered this from their official account:


Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is an ardent Obama supporter with their relationship having been consummated after Obama recognized Google’s immense power to influence political debate through their ability to control the flow of information.

A discussion of how Google is able to accomplish this can be found here.

Once Obama understood Google’s immense power to influence the political debate the president forged an alliance with Schmidt and Google.

The president accomplished this by ignoring the recommendation of his own FTC staffers who supported bringing a lawsuit against Google for abusive trade practices. 

The president even went so far as to provide Google access to an FCC report before it was released to the public.  That resulted in 15 pages of policy being stricken because Google executives didn’t like their content.

Even more evidence of Obama’s willingness to accommodate Google in order to gain their favor surfaced when Obama overrode FCC chairman Tom Wheeler on “net neutrality” regulations at the behest of Schmidt.

In return, as researchers for information supportive of alternative news stories who use Google can tell you, the search engine has used their algorithms to bury stories negative to the administration, and to elevate stories, no matter how specious or unimportant, that may be deemed damaging to this administration’s enemies.

So the stage was set for the social justice warriors last night and with the most incredible timing (sarcasm) Black Lives Matter shooters were dispatched to kill police officers and clear this morning’s headlines of Comey, Hillary and her emails.  What better than to bring front and center to the American public another chance to advance the Clinton-Obama gun control and racial injustice arguments?

So who funds the increasingly militarized BLM movement?  According to Politico it’s “some of the biggest donors on the left.”  Democratic financial heavyweights that include Tom Steyer, Paul Egerman, Steve Phillips, Susan Sandler, Rob McKay and George Soros.

Phillips acknowledged the funding was for “shutting down freeways and disrupting rallies.”  And they were not disappointed when BLM activists consistently delivered on “disrupting rallies” by bringing violence wherever and whenever Donald Trump appeared.

Coincidentally, Black Lives Matter shut down a California freeway as part of last night’s disruptive actions.

What these donors knew but chose to ignore was the fierce independent nature of the BLM movement and a team of BLM assassins in Dallas unleashed Hell on innocent human beings in a hateful, terrorist action.  This forces us to ask the question, why is it we always find the left playing cozy with and funding the terrorists who kill Americans?

Some BLM leaders had met with Obama in December of 2014 but after meeting with President Obama’s Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett as guests at the White House last September leaders of the BLM movement seemed emboldened and became decidedly more intimidating, militant and violent.

Last night Obama’s personal domestic terror wing sprung into action and five law-enforcement officers are dead. 

According to all this, it is quite normal for the leftists to sponsor terrorists all over the globe and only innocent lives get caught up in the crossfire. 

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