Did Philando Castile’s Side Chick Lie About Everything?


When Lavish Reynold’s live streamed the atrocious shooting death of her boyfriend Philando Castile social media went into a frenzy and the video quickly went viral. Every detail, and every aspect of her account was taken at face value. Well, it turns out there is more to the story than Lavish told. 

Got News reported that Philando Castile was in fact a Crips gang banger, and that Lavish Reynolds lied about everything, including being his girlfriend, being married, and that Castile had a concealed carry permit.

Got News went on to report that Reynolds was already lying 10 seconds into the video, claiming that Castile was her boyfriend. There were no references to or photos of Castile on Reynolds’ Facebook page, and vice versa, even though Reynolds was a prolific Facebook user, posting dozens of photos in just the last month.

Castile listed his relationship status on the site as single. Reynolds’ was “married,” although she says she is a single mom. What Reynolds should have said is side chick. A commonly-used synonym for her status is “side bitch.”


Was Reynolds high? She may well have been.

Look at that expression on her kid’s face!


Lavish Reynolds likes to smoke weed driving with her kid in the car.

We also reported on our Facebook account that Castile did not have a concealed weapons permit as was repeated widely and wrongly by nearly every major network.

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  1. How very sad for her little girl. Instead of comforting her, I’m sure she was scared to death, this b^tch is live streaming on facebook. I hope her daughter is taken away from her, she needs a better life. Smoking pot right in front of her!


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