Disgraceful: US Defense Department Paid 14 NFL Teams $5.4 Million To Honor Soldiers


This is beyond disgraceful. The military reportedly paid 14 NFL teams to honor soldiers during football games. The teams were paid $5.4 million over three years to salute troops, with a majority of the money coming from the National Guard.


The fourteen teams involved are:

  1. Atlanta Falcons – $1.05 million
  2. Baltimore Ravens – $884,500
  3. Buffalo Bills – $679,000
  4. Indianapolis Colts – $620,000
  5. Minnesota Vikings – $605,000
  6. Green Bay Packers – $600,000
  7. New York Jets – $377,500
  8. Kansas City Chiefs – $250,000
  9. Cincinnati Bengals – $138,960
  10. Dallas Cowboys – $62,500
  11. St. Louis Rams – $60,000
  12. Pittsburgh Steelers – $36,000
  13. Cleveland Browns – $22,500
  14. Miami Dolphins – $20,000

A NJ.com report focused report focused on the Jets’ agreement with the Department of Defense and the New Jersey Guard.

NJ.com reported:

     The agreement includes the Hometown Hero segment, in which the Jets feature a soldier or two on the big screen, announce their names and ask the crowd to thank them for their service. The soldiers and three friends also get seats in the Coaches Club for the game.

    Aside from the Hometown Heroes segment, the agreements also included advertising and marketing services, including a kickoff video message from the Guard, digital advertising on stadium screens, online advertising and meeting space for a meeting or events.

     Also, soldiers attended the annual kickoff lunch in New York City to meet and take pictures with the players for promotional use, and the Jets allowed soldiers to participate in a charity event in which coaches and players build or rebuild a playground or park.

I don’t know how you feel about this, but I am livid and I will boycott every one of these teams!


You should not have to be paid to honor our nations veterans! 

Read the full story at NJ.com

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  1. LOL @ your “boycott” of those teams. What impact do you think you’ll have? The word is meaningless, you’re not a customer of any of these teams unless you regularly buy their licensed merchandise and will now cease doing so. Otherwise your “boycott” is just a temper tantrum.

    Also, why are you surprised to learn that the whole war propaganda thing has been manufactured?


    • I was not speaking about just myself boycotting these teams. If the American people as a whole were as outraged as I/we are that these teams took tax payer money from the DOD to honor our nations veterans, a national boycott send a poignant message.

  2. i like you how sneak in the part about advertising and marketing, as if that doesn’t matter… are you going to boycott every TV and internet provider also? because–SHOCKING NEWS FLASH–the military also pays them to run their recruiting and promotional ads, and it’s a lot more than a few thousand dollars.


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