DISGUSTING!! Hillary Clinton: ‘I Laugh about Getting Child Rapists Off the Hook’

Hillary Clinton

Back in 1975, when then just Hillary Clinton was a 27-year-old public defender, she apparently worked ferociously to get a 41-year-old man named Thomas Alfred Taylor who was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl a nice, fat plea bargain.

A tape has surfaced of an interview a decade later when Clinton discussed the lengths she went to in her zeal for “justice”.

For starters, she is heard laughing about how she never trusted polygraphs after she gave her own client one according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Hilary Clinton obviously feels her client is guilty here, yet she laughs. Chilling doesn’t begin to describe it.
“I had him take a polygraph, which he passed – which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” she added with a laugh.”

The Beacon goes on to recount what happened to the victim in this case and Clinton is heard laughing about winning:

The girl had joined Taylor and two male acquaintances, including one 15-year-old boy she had a crush on, on a late-night trip to the bowling alley, according to Newsday.

Taylor drove the group around in his truck, pouring the girl whisky and coke on the way.

The group later drove to a “weedy ravine” near the highway where Taylor raped the 12-year-old.

Around 4 a.m., the girl and her mother went to the hospital, where she was given medical tests and reported that she had been assaulted.

And this…

“I have also been told by an expert in child psychology that children in early adolescence tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experiences and that adolescents in disorganized families, such as the complainant’s, are even more prone to exaggerate behavior,” Clinton said.

You can listen to the whole recording below:


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