DNC Chairman Hints of Multiple Trump Investigations if Dems Win in November (Video)


Tom Perez, the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, confirmed reports that if the Democrats retake the House and maybe the Senate in November, they will launch multiple investigations into President Trump.

“We need to hold this president accountable,” Perez said. “The Republican Congress has a sock in their mouth. And so we need accountability here,” he told CNN Tuesday morning.

Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have rarely used the term ‘impeachment’ when talking about President Trump, but it’s a know fact that is their main agenda. With Perez confirming that they have their sights set on investigating the president it has become apparent how important it is that the Republicans hold both the House and the Senate.

Susan Jones, CNS News reports:

As Axios recently reported, congressional Republicans have assembled a spreadsheet of all the investigations Democrats may launch if they win in November — everything from President Trump’s tax returns, his business interests, the payment to a porn star, the firing of James Comey, the travel ban, Jared Kushner, White House security clearances — the list goes on and on.

On CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday, host John Berman asked Perez if it’s true that Democrats will open multiple hearings into the Trump administration, aside from the ongoing Russia probe.

“Listen, when Democrats take over the House and the Senate, we’re going to make sure that people with pre-existing conditions will still have access to health insurance,” Perez responded.

“We’re going to rein in pharmaceutical companies. We’re going to make sure that unions have the right to organize. We’re going to make sure that voter purges, which are unlawful, don’t occur. But will this be, we’re fighting for our democracy.”

Berman tried again, asking Perez, “Will this be investigation-fest, will it  just be investigation after investigation, hearing after hearing?”

“Listen, this is the most dangerous president of our lifetime,” Perez said. “The culture of corruption in Washington, D.C., is overwhelming. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more scandal in a shorter period of time than we’ve seen in this White House.

“But again, as I’ve said before, what people want to make sure and what people are to go to the polls for in November in 70 days, the most important election of our lifetime, is, they want leaders to preserve their health care. They want leaders to make sure that they’re fighting for them, not fighting for a few at the top. They want people in Washington who are going to fight for shared prosperity for all, not just prosperity for a few.

“And yes, we need to hold this president accountable. There are no guardrails in Washington. The Supreme Court is not a guardrail. The Republican Congress has a sock in their mouth. And so we need accountability here,” Perez said.

At least one House candidate is tweeting about multiple Trump investigations:

Democrat-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) retweeted the following on Monday:

Get ready to investigate the GOP’s:
– Federal response to Puerto Rico
– Human rights violations under ICE
– Environmental Protection Agency firings
– Travel Ban & Family Separation
– Election security & lack thereof
– Corruption, corruption, corruption


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