Obama, Biden, Kaine BOAST About Hillary’s Presidential Gun Control Agenda (Videos)

Obama, Biden, Kaine BOAST About Hillary’s Presidential Gun Control Agenda (Videos)

President Obama, VP Joe Biden, and Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine made it perfectly clear at last night’s DNC convention that Hillary Clinton will not only continue Obama’s gun control agenda she will utilize (abuse) her position as president to enforce more regulations on law abiding Americans.

Breitbart reported this live wire as it transpired during last night’s convention.

12:10: Trump campaign responds:

12:05: Interesting:

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12:01: Breitbart’s Joel Pollak points out Clinton wore a Hillary button in Hebrew:


11:41: Hillary joins Obama on stage and the two hug. Obama’s signature “signed, sealed and delivered” playing as crowd sings along.

11:39: Obama asks Dems. to do for Clinton what they did for him.

[Tony Lee: This is Obama’s Dem. party. It’s not Bernie’s. It’s not Warren’s. It’s not Clinton’s. And Obama’s not on the top of the ticket this fall.]

11:34: Obama ripping Trump, saying that’s why anyone who threatens our values–“whether fascists or communists or jihadists or homegrown demagogues, will always fail in the end.” He says Hillary Clinton is a “fighter” and “stateswoman” and “patriot” gets this and “that’s the America she’s fighting for.”

[Obama paying Bill back for what he did in 2012 with interest with this speech.]

11:32: Obama says his grandparents from the heartland taught him people didn’t like bullies and braggarts but valued honesty [The problem is Americans don’t think Hillary Clinton is honest or trustworthy.]


11:28: Obama, referencing Teddy Roosevelt, says Clinton is that person “in the arena” and voters need to get in the arena with her. He says democracy isn’t about “yes, he will” but is about “yes, we can.” [thunderous roars.]

11:18: Obama says “America is already great” and “our greatness doesn’t depend on Donald Trump.” Obama says Ronald Reagan called America a “shining city on a hill” while Trump calls America a “divided crime scene.” Obama (who enacted executive amnesty), speaking of Trump, says “we don’t look to be ruled.” Obama now says we can “honor police” and “treat every community fairly.” Obama says Clinton knows that acknowledging problems that have been “festering for decades” is not making racism worse. He says Clinton also will push amnesty because the dreams of illegal immigrants is “quintessentially American.” “And the American Dream is something no wall will ever contain,” he says.

[Obama didn’t get the message to be boring so Hillary could have a low bar to jump over.]

11:10: “Don’t boo, vote,” Obama says after crowd boos Trump. Obama says Trump calls himself a business guy and says he knows plenty of businessmen and businesswomen who have succeeded without leaving a trail of lawsuits. Obama asks if anyone believes someone who has spent 70 years not caring about working people is going to be the voice of working Americans. Obama says Hillary Clinton is respected around the world. “People outside of the United States do not understand what’s going on in this election,” he says. “They really don’t.” [Democrats sounding too “global”again. Americans don’t care what people in other countries think.] Obama claims Clinton is “fit” and “ready” to be the next Commander-in-Chief.  He blasts Trump for calling “our military a disaster.”

[Erickson Thanks Obama.]


11:00: Obama says no matter how daunting the odds and no matter how much people try to knock her down, she never ever quits. [Perhaps because she has wanted to be president all her life.] Obama again says there has never been someone more qualified to serve as president of the United States than Hillary Clinton. “I hope you don’t mind, Bill,” he says. “I’m just telling the truth.” Obama says Tim Kaine is as good as man as anyone he knows and will make Clinton a better president like “brother” Joe has made him a better president.

11:06: Obama says Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in the race who believes in the future he described. Obama says he was “worn out” when he fought Clinton for the nomination in ’08. He says she was doing everything backwards and in heels like Ginger Rogers. Obama says he realized Clinton was in this for everyone who “needs a champion.”

11:02: Obama says it’s fair to say “this is not your typical election.” Obama says this election is a choice about “who we are as a people.” Obama said what we heard in Cleveland wasn’t “conservative” or “Republican.” He speaks about the fanning of resentment, hate, and anger. He says the America he knows is full of optimism and  courage and decent. He says as he has traveled across the country, he has seen “what is right with America.” [Obama, unlike Bill Clinton (who may have purposefully been boring), is going to make it tough for Clinton to follow his speech tomorrow.]


10:55: Crowd fired up (chanting “yes we did”) …. but Obama’s not on the top of the ticket. “I love you back,” he says. Obama says he addressed this convention for the first time 12 years ago in Boston. Obama says he’s more optimistic about the future of America than ever before after two terms in the White House. “How could I not be?” he asks. “After all that we’ve achieved together…”

[How vigorously will the media fact-check his claims?]

10:45: President Barack Obama getting ready to close out day three. Obama enters to his U2 campaign music. It seems like he would have liked to have run against Trump. Music may remind people of 2008 but his coalition doesn’t seem like they will turn out for Clinton like they did for him.


10:05: Tim Kaine on stage talking about his son, who deployed overseas to protect the “NATO allies that Donald Trump says he wants to abandon.” He humbly accepts his party’s nomination for vice president. His speech is similar to the one he gave on Saturday. He says he trusts Clinton with his son’s life. He mocks Trump for saying “believe me” after all of his promises. He is blasting and mocking Trump for not releasing his taxes. “Hey Donald, what are you hiding?” Kaine says we must battle against the “dark force” that is Trump. “You cannot believe one word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth,” he says. “NO TPP” signs seen in audience as Kaine speaks as anti-TPP Dems interrupt his speech.

Kaine calls Trump a “one-man wrecking crew” and quoting Barbara Bush and other Republican establishments to make the case against Trump. He points out that Kasich didn’t attend the GOP convention because he felt it was a “moral disaster.” Kaine says when he was in Honduras, the best compliment you could pay somebody was “listo,” that they were “ready” or “prepared.” He says Hillary Clinton is “lista.”

[Line tries to mollify Sanders’s supporters]

10:00: Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) introduces Tim Kaine…

9:40: Dems. unhappy with Oregon delegation:

9:33: Bloomberg says he’s going to deliver an “unconventional convention speech.” He says he’s here for one reason–why it is imperative that Hillary Clinton be elected. The un-dynamic Bloomberg showing why he would be a terrible and uninspiring presidential candidate. He’s slamming Trump’s “record of bankruptcies.” He says Clinton is the “responsible” choice in this election.

9:28: Atlanta’s Kasim Reed now has the floor. And he’s introducing Michael Bloomberg, who is likely to put the audience to sleep before Obama.

9:25: Sanders supporters planning fart-in on final day of convention:

9:16: Biden, one wonders if he feels he would have been the better nominee, says he knows Hillary and she understood for years that millions of people went to bed staring at the ceiling knowing they will lose everything if they got sick. Biden says Clinton’s life story is of someone who has “always been there. And so has Tim Kaine…. and that’s not Donald Trump’s story.” He tells the crowd to listen to him without “booing or cheering.” He slams Trump’s “lack of empathy” and compassion. “How can there be pleasured in saying, ‘you’re fired?’”… Biden says it’s a “bunch of malarkey” that Trump cares about the middle class. Biden says Trump has “no clue” about the middle class or what makes America great. “He has no clue, period.” He says no major party nominee in the country’s history has known less and been less prepared re: national security.

9:12: Joe Biden:

9:10: Dems. trying to bring order to disunited convention:

9:09: Yikes.

9:05: Joe Biden now takes the stage.

8:47: “No More War” and “Lies” chants as former Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta speaks.

8:37: Ret. Admiral John Hutson says Trump is not fit to polish John McCain’s boots. She says Clinton has the smarts to beat ISIS (no mention of

Benghazi. Even the Dem. generals sounds like bookish wonks.]

8:25: Mark Kelly pushing gun control while  Gabby Giffords touts Clinton :

8:15: Breitbart News’s Joel Pollak nails Martin O’Malley, who calls Trump a “racist” but can’t name anything Trump has said about black Americans. 

8:11: Angela Bassett introduces the survivors of the Mother Emanuel shooting in Charleston, South Carolina

8:01: Erica Smegielski, the daughter of the Sandy Hook principal killed in the shooting, address the convention:

7:53: Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) is “furious” that after almost “daily bloodshed” for three years, the GOP hasn’t passed more gun control laws. “It’s time to take Washington back from the gun lobby,” he says.

7:45: Lee Daniels says he’s here because the next president of the U.S. invited him. He says Clinton is the only candidate willing to take on the gun lobby.

7:38: CA Gov. Jerry Brown ripping Trump as a “fraud” for not mentioning climate change and global warning at the convention and having claimed that global warming is a “hoax.”

7:25: Martin “Mr. Irrelevant” O’Malley, the former Maryland Gov., now addressing the crowd. [Black Lives Matter folks probably not happy with him.] He says Clinton is as tough as they come. He says “to hell with Trump’s American nightmare. We believe in the American dream.” O’Malley says Clinton knows that climate change is the biggest job opportunity to come to America in 100 years while Trump doesn’t believe in science.

7:04: CA Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom describes Trump’s “hostile takeover of the American dream.” He says Clinton believes in the “hard work of pluralism over the illusion of differences.”

7:00: Breitbart’s Joel Pollak at Nina Turner’s event:





6:55: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) on stage. He and his wife are wearing the same sunglasses. Reid predictably slamming Mitch McConnell and Republicans and says Trump feels home in the GOP because he believes women are inferior and doesn’t believe in science. Reid says “Donald Trump learned it from watching you.”



6:45: Debbie’s replacement?

6:30: The Congressional Black Caucus now taking the stage. Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) says you judge a man’s heart by your words and deeds. He says of Trump, “you are not qualified to serve as president of the United States.” He accuses Trump of alienating African-American voters. He says his poll numbers are dismal among blacks because “your wealth has come at the expense of other people. We know.” [He knows…] He accuses Trump of having no plans for the African-American community on gun control, voting rights, etc. [But Trump has said his immigration plan would help African-American workers. Butterfield doesn’t mention that.] Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) accuses Trump of declaring a “war on common sense.” They paint Trump as the “Secretary of Hate.”

6:25: Flint Mayor Karen Weaver (D) says the water is still not safe to drink and Clinton stood with the residents.

6:22: Star Jones accuses Trump and Republicans of “race-baiting” before introducing a video about Flint, Michigan.

6:13: Jesse Jackson now speaking at the convention. He says “the bern must never grow cold.” He is talking about how Clinton delivered legal protection to poor people in the delta region and she can be trusted to appoint liberal Justices and ban “assault” weapons. He wants “reconciliation” and calls on Trump to stop “insulting Hispanics. Stop insulting Muslims, now.” He wants an expansion of African trade and more funding for black colleges. “Its healing time. It’s hope time. It’s Hillary time,” he keeps saying.

6:05: Obama speech excerpts:

“The America I know is full of courage, and optimism, and ingenuity. The America I know is decent and generous. Sure, we have real anxieties – about paying the bills, protecting our kids, caring for a sick parent. We get frustrated with political gridlock, worry about racial divisions; are shocked and saddened by the madness of Orlando or Nice. There are pockets of America that never recovered from factory closures; men who took pride in hard work and providing for their families who now feel forgotten. Parents who wonder whether their kids will have the same opportunities we have.

“All that is real; we’re challenged to do better; to be better. But as I’ve traveled this country, through all fifty states; as I’ve rejoiced with you and mourned with you, what I’ve also seen, more than anything, is what is right with America. I see people working hard and starting businesses; people teaching kids and serving our country. I see a younger generation full of energy and new ideas, unconstrained by what is, and ready to seize what ought to be.”

“You know, nothing truly prepares you for the demands of the Oval Office. Until you’ve sat at that desk, you don’t know what it’s like to manage a global crisis or send young people to war. But Hillary’s been in the room; she’s been part of those decisions. She knows what’s at stake in the decisions our government makes for the working family, the senior citizen, the small business owner, the soldier, and the veteran. Even in the middle of crisis, she listens to people, and keeps her cool, and treats everybody with respect. And no matter how daunting the odds; no matter how much people try to knock her down, she never, ever quits.

“That’s the Hillary I know. That’s the Hillary I’ve come to admire. And that’s why I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States of America.”

6:00: Director Robert Rodriguez says it’s time to elect Hillary Clinton president of “our America.” 

5:32: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio on the stage. He says, as a New Yorker, he is familiar with both presidential nominees. He says “these two people are worlds apart” despite sharing a home state. He is talking about the Hillary he knows and mentions that he ran her first campaign. He calls Trump the “great pretender” and asks how he can be for American workers when he didn’t even pay his own workers what he paid them.


5:23: Interesting: No nominating speeches for Kaine because of booing fears:

5:18: Clinton to make appearance tonight?

5:15: Dems. highlighting Asian-American Members of Congress with Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) leading the way. They are with Clinton because she is for immigration reform.

5:03: Lyse Hogue of NARAL slamming Mike Pence for leading the charge to defund Planned Parenthood and pushing abortion rights. She says Trump-Pence is the “make misogyny great again” ticket.

4:55: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) pushing gun control. She says Clinton will support our police and “fair and just police policies.” She says the lost lives of unarmed citizens must stop and “Black Lives Matter.”

4:48: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton of D.C. pushing D.C. statehood and praises Clinton for promising to push for statehood.

4:40: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee now has the stage. She says Dems. must fight the GOP nominee’s “fear.” She says Cleveland was the “convention of fear.”

4:35: Clinton ally Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress now addressing the convention. She’s telling her life story about how Dem. policies helped keep her family on their feet.

4:30: Dems. now formally nominating Kaine for VP. Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) puts Kaine’s name into nomination. Chair suspends rules and Kaine is nominated by acclimation. [MSNBC claiming not much dissent on floor and Clinton whip team doing a good job despite boos.]

4:20: Day 3 of Dem. convention about to get started. Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) opening the festivities.

4:17: Key swing state:

4:15: Trump says we are being “ripped off by every single country we do deal with” because “political hacks” are negotiating our deals.

4:10: Trump/Pence in Scranton, Pennsylvania (Hillary Clinton’s birthplace). He is slamming Clinton for wanting to put coal miners out of business. Trump says “take a look at the convention going on right now… they don’t honor our police.”

4:06: More Dem. disunity:

An all-star list of performers, including Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Rosario Dawson, Shailene Woodley, and Kendrick Sampson, will headline a media availability today to respond to efforts by the Democratic National Committee to silence former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, a leading and prominent African American surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders.






4:05: It will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts to Tim Kaine, given many of Sanders’s supporters were livid at his selection and do not trust Clinton/Kaine on TPP.

4:02: Clinton arrives in Philadelphia:

4:01: Scenes from Philly:


4:00: Earlier in the day at Florida press conference, Trump ensured he would steal much of the spotlight from the Democrats’s all-star political lineup.
—Trump blasted the media for not reporting on all of the dispirited Sanders supporters who walked out of the Dem. convention.

— Trump said it’s time for Clinton to do a news conference and points out it’s been almost a year since she has held one

— Trump mentioned that Bill Clinton “left out the most interesting chapter” (“the chapter that I was waiting for”) last night in his DNC speech. He said t is not safe for Hillary Clinton to be briefed on national security matters.

— Trump called Obama is the “most ignorant” president and will go down as one of the worse. He says Clinton would be even worse. Trump said he would love to see a female president but not Clinton, who he says would be a disaster

— Trump emphasized that John Hinckley, who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan, should not be freed. He commented on the Baltimore police officers who were found not guilty and praises them for not taking a deal and sticking it out.

— Trump pointed he has nothing to do with the DNC hack and Putin doesn’t know who is behind it. He said it could be some guy with a 200 IQ who can’t get out of bed. He taunted Clinton and says if the Russians do have her 30,000 deleted emails, they should release them.

— Trump said he’s leading right now because Americans have confidence in him on the border, ISIS, and “bringing back jobs. “I’m like a pollster myself,” he said, also mentioning that those at his rallies want a repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

— Trump said Democrats aren’t talking about ISIS because they created ISIS and made it stronger and “grew it.” He also “France is not France” right now.

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