Does “Natural Born Citizen” Apply to a Corporation?

Does “Natural Born Citizen” Apply to a Corporation?

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Last Constitutionally lawful President of The united States of America was James Buchanan (1791–1868) March 4, 1857~ March 4, 1861 Democratic party.


This usurper Barack Hussein Obama II”  actually is a “President” of a Corporation “United States” INC. Our Beloved organic Constitution applies to a Constitutional Republic that in reality was dissolved by the Act of 1871, declaring Washington DC as a headquarters location of this Corporation. “Natural Born Citizen” does not legally or lawfully apply to a corporations democracy standards. “Natural Born Citizen” only applies to our Constitutional Republic “The united States of America”

A Democratic Corporation, if you choose to participate in this Corporate Federalized Nationalized Democracy created by the 14th section 2 then you absolutely become a contracted employee of said Corporation. This makes you eligible or not, under control of a shadow Corporate Government to “TAKE” your “Civil Rights” as these rights are given to you by said Corporation. Your signature on that voter registration card, then showing proof of ID when voting in this Corporate Federalized Nationalized Democracy bears two legal witness against yourself that you are a contracted employee by choice yet without full disclosure of this sealed deal contract.

You do in fact have an option to remove yourself from this trap lawfully, retaining your creator given unalienable Rights by withdrawing your voter registration and resuming your allegiance and Nationalizing yourself to one of the several States, and at that point you will stand 100% totally and completely within the lawful limits of the organic Constitution for the united States of America, and not a contracted employee of the Corporation United States INC.

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It’s really quite simple. AND, a personal choice to make for yourself. No Law or Statute exist to prohibit you from making this corrected choice.

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At this point in time in history we do not have an official President of the Constitutional Republic “The united States of America”, we haven’t had one since the early 1860’s. The unlawful elimination of the De jure 13th Amendment (TONA) ended the area of a President of our Constitutional Republic. Abraham Lincoln was not a Constitutionally lawful President. Perhaps the first Corporation President of United States INC.

By Bill Bohart

“Non sibi sed patriae”
It is time to water the tree of Liberty.
“A Republic can only survive by its Patriots spilling the blood of tyrant predators.
[Bill Bohart]