Donald Trump Billboard Getting Attention Near Grand Junction


A billboard in Colorado of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump depicts him in an armor suit fighting a dragon that say’s,  “PC Muslim Marxist Media.” is getting a lot of attention.


The Denver Channel Reports:

ORCHARD MESA, Colo. – A Donald Trump billboard on the Western Slope is getting a lot of attention.

The billboard depicts Donald Trump in an armor suit fighting a dragon that says, “PC Muslim Marxist Media.”

Trump’s suit says “Make American Great Again.”

The billboard is 10 feet high and 20 feet wide and is attached to a building just south of the US 50 bridge over the Colorado River on route to Orchard Mesa, near Grand Junction.

The billboard owner, Arvid Mosnes, told KJCT-TV that the depiction highlights how the heavily influenced media has ruined this country.

“Freedom of speech is everything, and that’s why I really put the media in there, it’s politically correct Muslim Marxist influence media,” Mosnes told the TV station.

Read more on KJCT-TV’s website.

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