Donald Trump: Escape Of Notorious Mexican Drug Lord Proof Of Nation’s ‘Corruption’


Donald Trump points to notorious Mexican drug lord’s escape as proof of the nation’s ‘corruption’ and said the U.S. is paying the price. 


The Daily Mail reported:

The presidential candidate, who has made attacking Mexico the central plank of his White House run, claimed that the United States ‘is paying the price’ for Joaquin Guzman, known as ‘El Chapo’ fleeing a prison 50 miles west of Mexico City.

Posting from Twitter, he wrote: ‘Mexico’s biggest drug lord escapes from jail. Unbelievable corruption and USA is paying the price. I told you so!’

Trump has previously riled Mexicans by calling illegal immigrants from the country racists and thieves, whom the government was ‘pushing’ across the southern border on purpose because they are ‘cunning’ and American leaders are ‘dumb’.

At a speech yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona, he unveiled an outlandish plan to fine Mexican authorities $100,000 for every immigrants who crosses the border without proper documentation.

Details began to emerge Sunday on Guzman’s incredible escape – which appears to have seen him vanish through a hole in his cell’s shower area and dash through a mile-long system of secret tunnels under the high-security Altiplano jail.


HT Breitbart

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  1. The Mexican Government is doing what Fidel Castro did in 1980. He emptied all of the jails, prisons and insane asylums. Then, he invited all the American Cubans to float over and pick up their long lost relatives. When they floated over on their boats, the Cuban Army pushed all of these miscreants and criminals on the boats which were there to get their loved ones. Thousands of violent Cuban criminals entered the USA in about a week. Dade Count, Florida became the #1 killing county in the nation. Mexico does not have any body of water to slow the Mexican thugs from entering. All the Mexican Government has to do is get them to the border.


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