Donald Trump Interview With CNN Anderson Cooper ‘I Would Bomb The Hell Out Of ISIS’ [Video]


Anderson Cooper grills Donald Trump on immigration, Hillary Clinton, what his approach on ISIS would be and Trump stands his ground and shuts Copper down. 

Cooper interviewed Trump at the Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday where Trump insisted of his long-shot White House bid: “I’m in it to win it.”


Cooper asked Trump how he would deal with ISIS and Trump responded: ‘I Would Bomb the Hell Out of the Oil Fields in Iraq to Fight ISIS.’

Cooper asked about the potential consequences of such an action and sending military troops, and Trump insisted, “I wouldn’t send many troops because you won’t need them by the time I’m finished.”

CNN reported that the billionaire businessman was unapologetic, and as defiant as ever about a number of controversies that have inundated his presidential campaign in a wide-ranging interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday.

The brash real estate mogul and former host of the reality TV show, “The Apprentice,” has come under attack for referring to some immigrants coming into the United States as “rapists.”

Trump also addressed head-on a Washington Post report that said there were illegal immigrants working at one of Trump’s hotel construction sites in Washington.

Donald Trump Anderson Cooper full interview: listen to the entire interview!



  1. Im waiting for the debate in august with 10 of them it will make trump or break or break trump. That night will be important for trump i think he will put them all away.

  2. This article says he suggested some immigrants are rapist. Clearly a misrepresentation of what he said, this kind of irresponsible reporting is what is wrong with media today.

  3. can’t believe this Guy. The first stupid question, how he’s doing on the polls? He is going tomorrow to the US Mexico border. Why? His first question. Is not about the veterans and the border. I don’t like CNN or FOX. Specially Anderson. What a stupid question that’s why Trump got mad. I don’t blame him.

  4. I do not understand how Anderson Cooper can gather his information from many different “polls” from colleges and use them as facts. Sad to say this but, I have seen videos of common questions these same college students cannot answer such as “Name the 1st president of the United States of America!” Anderson Cooper is trying to break Trump and was proved to be a puppet of CNN. I know for a fact that in the past he has said these polls cannot be trusted when they are used against democrats. He is a smart man, but, he is also the democrats little bitch.


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