Donald Trump Puts Hillary Clinton On Notice ‘You’re Going Down’


Hillary Clinton has been slinging mud at Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for a week now. One would think that Hillary is smart enough not to pick a fight with the one person who will not hesitate to call her out on her, and Bill’s many transgressions, and he will not be politically correct about it.


If you are still wondering why Donald Trump is wiping the floor with his competition in the Republican field, a tweet fired off by the brutally honest presidential candidate on Wednesday morning should answer that.

Breitbart said with the help of her numerous DC Media allies, Hillary Clinton has been attacking Trump all week with the phony claim that his use of the word “schlonging” is degrading to all women. In response, Trump put Hillary (and her media) on notice:


There is no question as to what Trump is referring to.

For going on fifty years, Hillary has protected her husband, former-President Bill Clinton, an accused rapist, groper, and serial-sexual harasser. The women who claim to be his victims have also accused Hillary of being part of the campaigns to personally denigrate, silence and destroy them. There is more here than just accusations and rumor. Bill Clinton was forced to settle a sexual harassment suit with Paula Jones.

Trump is a master of media manipulation, primarily because he knows exactly how the media operates, how in 2012 the DC Media was fully on board with the Obama campaign’s phony “War on Women” crusade.

Trump also knows that when it comes to Hillary’s sordid past involving her own role in personally destroying Bill’s alleged victims — including Juanita Broaddrick, who to this day stands by her claim that Bill raped her, the DC media intends to make that criticism off limits.

This is a play right out of the media’s 2008 Playbook. During that presidential campaign, the media refused to criticize or closely examine Barack Obama spending 20 years in a racist church or palling around with a domestic terrorist. In fact, in order to protect him, the DC Media attacked as racists anyone who dared raise these presidential disqualifiers.

As you will see in the CNN clip below, the DC Media has already laid down a marker that says we cannot discuss Hillary’s treatment of Bill’s victims. The clip is from Tuesday night.

Don Lemon is so adamant about protecting Hillary, he cuts off Kurt Schlichter’s microphone:


If Republican primary voters know one thing, it is this: The DC Media’s rules are designed to benefit Democrats. If we play by those rules, we lose. If we are going to win, we need a candidate willing to go through the incoming hell that comes with violating those rules. As of right now, only Trump has shown that courage — time and again, on issues surrounding immigration, terrorism, and the media itself, Trump as proven he will GO THERE.

And unless you are willing to GO THERE, you will not be president.



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