Donald Trump Releases Damning Hillary Video – This Is Going VIRAL (Video)

Donald Trump Releases Damning Hillary Video – This Is Going VIRAL (Video)

Explained in a way even a child could understand, this video posted by Donald Trump, illustrates Hillary Clinton’s Pay-to-Play Guide,

According to Right Wing News ,the video starts off showing Hillary’s get rich quick scheme. In the beginning there was the Clinton Foundations, where the Hildabest took tons of money from foreign countries and donors.  It gives a whole new meaning to ‘political whore’.  Then she became Secretary of State, where she did pretty much nothing of note except get four Americans murdered in Libya and give rise to ISIS.  But that was just the beginning of a story America just wishes would go away. So wanting a do-over.

From Donald Trump:

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton abused her power to get millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation, and in return, granted so many favors to the establishment and elites. SO unbelievably corrupt. The system is rigged and as President, I promise you, I will end it! You will always be FIRST—not donors, not special interests, not Washington insiders—you! #AmericaFirst!

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Then came the email scandal and the private server. Over and over, Clinton tried to cover her tracks, including deleting at least 30,000 emails and probably many, many more than that. In between every step, she met with foreign leaders and took more money.

Don’t forget to booze it up and dance the night away with women across the globe while you’re at it. Anyone who gave Hillary money got special favors. She’s surrounded by them and there is a line into infinity awaiting payback if she is elected.


She deleted all those emails and took hammers to devices that had them on them. She even had the FBI destroy devices in the end to cover her tracks. Through all of this over a long period of time, Clinton did what she does best… she lied her freaking head off.

And yet, she’s running for president. She was investigated by the FBI, who has been found to be corrupt as well and surprise, surprise… she was found innocent. Clinton sets herself above the law and acts offended that she was even challenged. How dare the peasants question royalty, even if it is from Arkansas.


That’s the story boys and girls.  On November 8th, we’ll see how it ends. Does the wicked witch catch Dorothy? Will we have flying monkey scourges for four years?  And so goes the American nightmare.

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