Donald Trump Rips ‘DISHONEST MEDIA,’ Wants Surveillance Of ‘Certain’ Mosques (Video)


Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is vowing to fight terrorists saying that there is good reason to monitor certain mosques amid the recent terror wave.


Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of 10,000 at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex on Saturday, Trump told the crowd, “They’re dishonest people. The media is so dishonest.”

Trump set the record straight on how he wants to deal with the growing ISIS terrorist threat to America.

“I want surveillance of certain mosques,” he told the crowd. “You know what? We’ve had it before and we’ll have it again.”

Trump went on to mock the media’s politically correct policy and foreseeing how they will react to this announcement.

“Oh, they’re going to make such a big deal, …’he [Trump] said something so politically incorrect.’ ”

“That’s why we’re going to hell,” Trump told the crowd, “because we’re so politically correct.”

In light of CNN editing a video to make it look like Trump said he would implement a Muslim database to track them all, he clarified his stance saying:

“I will absolutely take a database of the people coming in from Syria if we can’t stop it. But we’re going to,” Trump said.

“And if I win, I’ve made it known, if I win, they’re going back. We can’t have them,” he added.

It is only a matter of time before terrorist attacks by ISIS and their sympathizers takes place on American soil and Trump is not afraid to talk about it.

Notice the reporter makes reference to Trump wanting a ‘Muslim database,’ apparently she did not get the memo that CNN fabricated this by maliciously editing a video to make it appear he said that, which he did NOT.

HT Breitbart 


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