Donald Trump Rips John McCain And Calls Him A ‘Dummy’


Donald Trump is furious at Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) for dismissing, and disrespecting the supporters of his presidential campaign.


McCain, the Republican Party’s 2008 presidential nominee, was quoted in a Thursday article in The New Yorker criticizing Trump’s heated rhetoric against illegal immigration.

McCain also said Trump’s big rally last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, was supported by the “crazies” in his state.

“This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me,” McCain said. “Because what he did was he fired up the crazies.”

Trump responded on Twitter by blasting McCain and demanding an apology:



Of course, McCain’s office declined to comment to Business Insider on Trump’s attack.

However one of McCain’s top allies reciprocated and blasted Trump in response. Mark Salter, McCain’s former chief of staff and coauthor, wrote the following on Facebook, according to a tipster:

‘Donald Trump isn’t just an embarrassment to the Republican Party, or to whatever percentage of unserious self-identified Republicans say they would vote for him. He’s an embarrassment to the country. He possesses all the traits snobbish foreigners deride Americans for. He’s bumptious, narcissistic, obtuse and full of it. You’d think he was a Brit actor playing an American on the BBC. GOP presidential candidates who can’t find the nerve to criticize the guy ought to grow a pair. You’ll have done America a good turn, and you’ll feel better about yourself.’

Interesting, this so called ’embarrassment’s’ honestly and forthright stance on issues, and people who are plaguing this nation is leading the poles, and for the first time in many years, has addressed the real issues Americans want to hear.

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    • when McCain ran against Obama he was o to say or would not let any one working for him even mentioned that Obama is a black man. thank God for Donald Trump . McCain is the one with no balls if he had them they vanished

  1. McCain, apparently can be enormously dense. He is definitely NOT a conservative. I doubt his war hero status also.

    • McCain is definitely NOT a Conservative, and he’s a menace to the Republican Party and the Conservative cause. But there is no doubt that he spent several years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton and was tortured by the North Vietnamese. Whether that makes him a war hero is a matter of opinion I guess.

    • He wasn’t a war hero, he was a traitor who collaborated with the enemy that was directly responsible for getting Americans killed.

  2. McCain is a do-nothing typical Washington butt kisser, staying politically correct. He hasn’t done anything for America in 30 years. He’s one of the career pol idiots that needs to go.

  3. Lets face it, the majority of our Senators have been in office for to long. From what I can see all they do is nothing but infighting while making no important changes. They will pass Obama Iran deal because they are not willing to stand up for our country and the people they are suppose to be working for. Donald Trump is like a breath of fresh air, he speaks and addresses issues that most Americans are worried about. He is intelligent, you have to be in order to run the empire that he does. He knows how to choose people to help him manage everything correctly. He says what he wants when he believes it to be true. He will not “pussy foot’with foreign policies.
    Right now the majority of those running for office are all for a policy for illegal immigrants, because they are, or married to. I have no problem with legal immigrants, but illegals.

  4. John, You lie McCain was not a traitor and got no one killed. You are mixing him up with Jane Fonda. Get your facts right.

  5. John McCain no doubt served his country and was a POW a high price he paid to serve this country with the Military, we can’t forget that and he deserves honor and respect for his service but he as many in the congress and senate have made a career as senators or representatives and now are a part of a political self appointed elite that no longer serve this country and the citizens but those who have bought their them by through campaign donations, lobbying make no mistake they are all bought. Donald Trump is speaking up and addressing what the people of this country have longed for decades be damned who it offends who comes first are citizens of this country, in order to help anyone our USA house must first be in order and that has not been a priority of the current administration or many of the predecessors Donald will continue to keep these in the spotlight Mark Salter is apparently bought and paid for as well which explains his comments, there are many in this country right now that say to hell with political correctness and if what we as citizens think, or our flag offends you, or our Christian beliefs which is what the country was founded bothers you then please take yourself, your family and the political elite with you to the country you feel best allows you what your looking for.


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