Donald Trump Under Fire For Calling Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl a ‘Dirty, Rotten Traitor’


Donald Trump’s brutally honest and accurate remarks concerning Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier now being prosecuted for desertion, has angered Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s defense attorney. 

“This is the lowest kind of demagoguery,”  “Mr. Trump’s comments are contemptible and un-American. They are a call for mob justice.”


Right Wing News Reported:

Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s defense attorney is furious at what Trump called the soldier now being prosecuted for desertion.

“This is the lowest kind of demagoguery,” Fidell said. “Mr. Trump’s comments are contemptible and un-American. They are a call for mob justice.”
Trump made the remarks during a town hall meeting Wednesday in New Hampshire, according to a video posted by the Wall Street Journal.

“We get a traitor named Bergdahl, a dirty, rotten traitor, who, by the way, when he deserted, six young, beautiful people were killed trying to find him,” Trump said.

In exchange, Trump said, the enemy got “five of the people they wanted, five killers back on the battlefield. That’s the kind of deals we make.”
This isn’t the first time Trump has made such remarks about Bergdahl, said Eugene Fidell, the soldier’s defense attorney, in a statement Thursday. He made a similar remark at the first Republican candidates’ debate as well, Fidell said.

But isn’t it about time someone calls Bergdahl a traitor in public for a change? Because he is.

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  1. He is a dirty, rotten traitor. Those in his squad want him prosecuted. And he should be shot by firing squad just as Trump indicated.

  2. If he wants to sue than sue … just be aware that Trump will call soldiers from his unit as witness and if a jury still convicts Trump .. then Trump will simply appeal.

  3. “Not charged with treason or anything like it”??? Spoken like a true ‘shyster’ lawyer.
    TRAITOR:a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

    Bergdahl was charged with “desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.”
    “He was charged with ‘misbehavior before the enemy by endangering the safety of a command, unit or place'”

    • Notice that Trump never mentioned “treason”. The shyster lawyer replaced Trump’s word, “traitor” with it. Typical. I hope he tries to challenge Trump, legally. He’ll hang on his own noose.

  4. Why is Trump under fire for telling the truth. Oh yeah, politicians hate to tell the truth so they don’t get it. We don’t want anymore politicians who kiss fannies, but a man that will keep his word, work for the good of the country as a whole and who is willing to break his back working for US. Boy, does that statement eliminate just about every candidate except Trump, including both GOP and Dems.

  5. Well the lawyer has already gotten fantastic press in the court of public opinion from Obama who had his parents at the Rose Garden. So a little negative press is nothing to complain about. I mean you had a president vouch for your client and only a presidential candidate give negative press. So shut up and consider yourself ahead of the curve you bottom feeder.

  6. My comment is directed to Mr. Fidell. If the newspaper accounting of what your client did is true, he should be shot before a firing squad. We’ll wait to pass judgement until we see what evidence and testimony you present. After all, he could have been out taking leak and got lost. But, be careful as the mood of the country can easily turn against attorneys who defend traitors.

  7. Who gives a shit what that scumbags lawyer says? I mean really, he’s just hot air. He knows he couldn’t take on the likes of Donald Trump over such ludicrous crap, Trump would destroy him in every way possible. He couldn’t get a liberal enough jury to survive in a courtroom. All of America knows the story, his little faggot client, deserted, got several men killed, and got rescued by the ultra liberal scumbag in the white house, at a GREAT cost to our nation. That little scumbag client of his makes a lot of Americans wish they would bring back public executions. So Mr Scumbag left wing lawyer, GO FUCK YOURSELF! :p And pray someone like me never gets on your jury. 😉

  8. Evil hearted Donald Trump…by bullying a pitiful soldier with his dirty mouth and soul. The ugliest faces and all kind of wicked words from those politicians and American haters really disgusted me. What would you said if your own son was captured and tortured over 5 years in the hands of Taliban ?

    • Bergdahl was lucky his own men didn’t hang/shoot for treason. Don’t have a clue,eh. BTW, you don’t let your #1 enemy have nukes either. You take your enemy out before they take you out. You don’t read much and get out do you.

    • He deserted and went looking for his captors. He put himself in their hands. If he had remained with his platoon instead of deserting, he would not have been captured. He has gotten off easily so far.


  10. Nothing but the truth he spoke. And sometimes the truth hurts, Mr. Fidell. Your client is a scumbag who deserted his troops and his country and honest good people lost their lives trying to look for him. Once again, Trump says what everyone else is thinking but afraid to say.

  11. Trump has given his opinion. Many Americans agree with him. Obama has betrayed the American people and the rest of the non terrorist citizens of the world.

  12. Strange, I thought we were all innocent until proven guilty. . .to determine which is the job of a duly constituted court, not the job of the press and of readers who are not privy to all relevant information. So the only traitors here are the people who have judged without knowledge: you have all betrayed our judicial system. And if the military doesn’t operate on that notion that people are innocent until proven otherwise, they too betray us. After reading these hateful comments, I’m ashamed of us all.

    • You actually came onto a public comment section with an argument of “I thought everyone was innocent until proven guilty and anybody who disagrees with me is wrong”. You obviously have no idea how these things work. And that little puke will be found guilty but unfortunately he won’t get the punishment he deserves.

    • Oh Dear! Max is ashamed of us all! What shall we do?
      Hello Max anybody home? Pull your head out of your ass and ask yourself why isn’t the “trial” already over? Because our Usurper-in-chief, told Holder to drag this out as long as possible so as to lessen the political fallout. It was never about “Justice” nothing Obama does IS ABOUT jUSTICE! It has and will always be about advancing the Muslim CULT in America!

    • In a military court you are guilty until proven innocent. He is a deserter. Now he has to prove he didn’t desert! That’s the Military Code Of Justice. Been there and experienced it.

      Bergdahl was a deserter and everything Trump said is true.

    • shut up we have facts, the court has not convicted him u sissy whiner, the court of public opinion has, were entitled to have our opinion based on more facts than we ever need, you are one of those screwballs tha just have to cry, bitch and moan, dont misconstrue opinion, with actual court proceedings, no opinions changed the law, hes not dead…yet, so what the hell are you crying about, his rights hes still getting, him, because facts are out there and he screwed up, now u want to censor public opinion, ud be the first crier not fighter, cryer crying, were allowed our opinion, if ur so daft whiner, fill u up on sum dem facts boy, then get u an opinion and stand by it. shut up with this ashamed crap, u are no more ashamed at your false created crybaby attention getter, than you are at going right past the issue filled with facts and forming your own opinion, loser just to be ashamed, so good u walk on water clueless. enough of your finger wagging alice, do i assume you do not agree with overwhelming opinion, if the facts ring true in a fair trial, then are u unashamed and proud to see law followed and believe he deserves a deserters punishment. or are you a cow dung sympathizer, who loves your oduma terrorist president, and feel sorry for another idiot that tried to and did waste american lives, did u think of them or their parents while you were being ashamed, to be so um american im sure u will totally be for punishment then if hes convicted. and a firing squad will be ok with u. Quit using stupid guilt tactics to dummy this country down, back away from me satan, evil and powerful, or weak, meak, homosexual, uninformed demo asskisser, against anything with agression, thats why this country is so close to collapse, the election will be almost too late, oduma might just get ego putin to send a nuke and disable our entire might, and we wont even fire back. why not. china russia, n korea communise the world the middle east will still war, this place will fall into third world status that what u support mr. balony im ashamed, who the hell are to be ashamed, good thinG americas give a shitter, broke yesterday. be a man quit lyin to u, make a stand, not find the first thing to cry about attention getter bedwetter mamas boy. stupidest post ive ever seen

  13. He IS a Dirty Rotten Traitor! Should we call him a Clean Rotten Traitor instead? Attorneys are one of the lowest forms of life.

  14. I’m with Trump on this one. It is definitely one of Obama’s smokescreen activities that allowed the whole mess to happen and the smoke has blown back in Obama’s face. That is why the trial has taken so long. If it were a regular soldier, it would have been down, dusted and hung months ago. Bergdahl was a setup for Obama’s plan to get these radical Islamists back on the battlefield. A backfired plan that makes Obama look like the idiot in military strategy that he really is.

  15. The truth is really hard to defend against, isn’t it Eugene? If your looking for sympathy, for your scum-bag client Bergdahl, your barking up the wrong tree!

  16. NO he’s NOT under fire you effing morons. Bergdahl’s lawyer objects and Trump is under fire. You stupid bastards. It’s rags like Truthuncensored that makes people ignore stupid news like this. YOU are the only ones saying that and it isn’t true, you lefty jerks. Some moron reads you and is off my friend list because I don’t listen to stupid opinions.

  17. What would Berdahl’s lawyer prefer we call him a misguided patriot. I bet he’d have a different story if his son got killed looking for that piece of shit.

  18. Fuck that piece of shit asshole trader people died trying to save his fucking ass and they trade all these terrorist for the idiot may that rotten piece of shit rot in hell

  19. Everybody else calls Bergdahl a dirty rotten traitor – and worse. Trump is just speaking in terms that patriotic Americans understand and not worrying in the least what the dirty rotten traitor’s shyster lawyer thinks. Hey idiot! You’re defending a “DIRTY, ROTTEN TRAITOR”!

  20. I praise MISTER TRUMP for this phrase. He only said what every Patriot American thinks. This guy Bergdahl is not a soldier. He should have his tongue cut out and sent back to the Devil’s merchant’s the MUSLIMS.

  21. He is what trump said he was ! He needs exucuted by military firing squad. He deserted n got soldiers killed looking for his selfish stupid self. Gotta pay the price dude!!!

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