Don’t be Played For a Fool! The Fight Has Just Begun!

Don’t be Played For a Fool! The Fight Has Just Begun!

So, it appears the Bundy family is safe, for now, and thank goodness no one was injured. Their confiscated cattle was/is supposedly being returned; although many were killed and left to rot in the desert; the ancient water supply was destroyed; not to mention the Bundy’s exorbitant legal bills. Patriots are celebrating and claiming “we won”… did we? I’m not so sure. I think this was a test to see what would happen, and how Patriots would react; I believe they were monitoring FB and the response from the public. Why? So they know how to plan for next time; so they know how to implement a full takeover of land they plan to give to the UN via Land Management and Agenda 21. While I’m relieved the Bubdy’s and other Patriots are safe, I do not see cause for celebration. This is just the beginning.

If you think this fight is over, you are delusional – there is no way the gov or Land Management i.e., the UN will allow the Bundy’s to win! Now the real fight begins!
~Rebel III%




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