Don’t be Played For a Fool! The Fight Has Just Begun!


So, it appears the Bundy family is safe, for now, and thank goodness no one was injured. Their confiscated cattle was/is supposedly being returned; although many were killed and left to rot in the desert; the ancient water supply was destroyed; not to mention the Bundy’s exorbitant legal bills. Patriots are celebrating and claiming “we won”… did we? I’m not so sure. I think this was a test to see what would happen, and how Patriots would react; I believe they were monitoring FB and the response from the public. Why? So they know how to plan for next time; so they know how to implement a full takeover of land they plan to give to the UN via Land Management and Agenda 21. While I’m relieved the Bubdy’s and other Patriots are safe, I do not see cause for celebration. This is just the beginning.

If you think this fight is over, you are delusional – there is no way the gov or Land Management i.e., the UN will allow the Bundy’s to win! Now the real fight begins!
~Rebel III%




  1. t’s not over, for the Bundys. After everyone heads home, and the place resembles some sense of being back to normal, don’t be surprised when the feds swoop in, in a blitzkrieg kind of attack that gets all the cattle rounded up and gone, leaving the Bundys more or less unmolested. It’s not about the Bundys or the money owed, it’s about taking back the public land from being used by the public.

  2. The american people need to take the senate,the congres,the president back by getting the anti-americans out of office getting true americans in all offices and ones that will obey their oath of office to PROTECT the constitution and the american people

  3. We shall see … so far, my view has been correct, but I am not the only person to see the situation as nothing more than a test. This will not end well. ~Rebel II%


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