Dramatic Video: ‘You Guys Killed My Dog! He Was My Best Friend!’


Heartbroken dog owner angrily confronted Salt Lake City police officers for shooting his pet dead in his own backyard; ‘You guys killed my dog. I’ve had this dog for three years – he was my best friend, and he was shot because an officer couldn’t back the f**k up out of my house,‘ Kendall shouted at the cops.

The video starts with Kendall driving home after finding out his dog had been shot dead while inside his backyard. It was created less than 20 minutes after the dog died. Kendall’s hands tremble with emotion as he confronts the cops and goes on a profanity-laced tirade.


‘Which officer shot my dog? Please,‘ Kendall politely asks the officers standing in his front yard in the footage first made public on his Facebook page.

We were looking for a lost child,’ said one of the cops.

‘And that gives you probable cause to enter a private residence without permission from the owner?’ Kendall fired back.

Kendall is clearly distraught, and asked for their names and badge numbers, as well as that of the one who killed his dog. The officers on the scene identified an Officer Olson as the man responsible for killing the 2 year old  Wimaraner.


Photo courtesy of Google.com

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  1. These rogue cops seem to increasing believe that they can do as the illegal alien White House squatter and do as they please, apparently believing they are endowed with a badge and gun so as to KILL WHAT EVER WHEN EVER THE LUST FOR BLOOD STRIKES THEM. LIKE STOPPIN A RUN AWAY LOCOMOTIVE WITH NO ONE AT THE THROTTLE, THE PROBLEM ISN’T SIMPLE BUT THERE IS A WAY TO ADDRESS THIS ‘COPS GONE WILD’ DISEASE OUTBREAK AS A RABID ANIMAL MUST BE TREATED.


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