‘Dylann Pulled The Trigger, But Racist Society Is To Blame’ [Video]


We all saw it coming, the ‘all white people are racist,’ and the ‘racist culture’ is to blame declaration from the liberal left. Even so, it’s still amazing to see the incredible generalization of blame from one racist piece of crap terrorist like Dylann Roof to all of ‘white’ society. 



  1. I’m certain what I am about to say will be unpopular. I’ll be called a bigot & a racist but, nonetheless, what I am about to say is true.

    Let me begin by saying Dylann Root is obviously a racist & a cowardly POS. But, to be perfectly honest, I am surprised we haven’t seen more incidents like this one. It is impossible to ignore the disparity in the reporting on this case compared to other crimes where the races are reversed. Every report specifically mentions the “white” perp & the “black” victims in the historic “black” church. While this is indeed true, and a tragedy, anyone familiar with crime statistics knows that, when it comes to interracial crime, whites are many times more likely to be the victim of a black assailant as opposed to the reverse. Yet, to watch the media, one would never know. Any instance in which the media can point out where a white wronged a black is made a cause celeb. The much more prevalent case of black-on-white crime is played down & swept under the rug.

    Across the country we have countless, largely unreported, cases of black mobs spontaneously attacking whites. (Google “black youth mob violence”) We have the “Knock-out Game,” where blacks pick out some unsuspecting white. Usually the victim is a woman or an older male. We have the POTUS and innumerable black “leaders” stoking the racist flames. We have New Black Panther members, & many blacks, openly calling for a race war & the murder of whites, based solely on them being white which makes them “naturally” racist. When presented with the far more numerous cases of overt black racism against whites, these same people will look at you with a straight face and claim, “Blacks can’t be racist!”

    The mentality appears to be whites living today are somehow responsible for things that occurred generations before their birth. Imagine the reaction if a group of whites began openly campaigning for a race war & the murder of blacks? The FBI would be all over it, but if you are a black group you get a pass. The media would pillory such a group. Any white espousing this would be ridiculed and deemed a racist, a bigot, and a white supremacist. But apparently such overt racist lunacy is perfectly acceptable if one is black. CNN & MS-NBC would love a race war. Months of non-stop coverage ala Flight MA370. They might actually get some viewers!

    The black-on-white crime statistics are undeniable. We are talking about stuff happening in the PRESENT. We can’t go back and alter the past. None of the black advocates of violence experienced slavery or, unless they are pushing 60, Jim Crow laws. If one group continually attacks another, sooner or later the other group will respond in kind. This is why I am surprised that, what could be described as retaliatory attacks by whites against blacks, have not occurred more frequently. Either we tone down the rhetoric and deal with calls from violence from blacks the same way we would against whites, or this will indeed ultimately lead to a violent confrontation.

  2. Now she is a Reverend but not a very informed one. Because she forgets that two to the biggest vocal racists in this country are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Especially Sharpton as of late. That man loves to stir up the racism pot as often as he can. Not only are they black but they are also Reverends. So don’t say it’s all whites lady because your an idiot and I’d prove you wrong.


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