Elizabeth Warren to Illegal Aliens: ‘You ARE an American, This is YOUR Country, You ARE Going to Stay’ (Video)


During a speech at the 17th annual Netroots Nation conference on Saturday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren continued her rhetoric against President Trump to a less than enthused crowed. It seems they are just as tired of her anti-Trump repetition as the rest of America. 

As usual, her emphasis was on defending the rights of illegals going so far as to declare them “Americans” despite the fact they are in the United States illegally.

“We are going to say to every Dreamer in this country, ‘You are an American. This country is your home and we have your back.’ That’s what we’re going to say,” Warren told the audience.

Apparently she thought the attendees were not up to date on the ‘travel ban’ that went into effect June 29 following a Supreme Court ruling that restricts travel from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, because she tried to stir them up by calling it a ‘Muslim’ ban.

Of course, she could not help but bring up the border wall claiming that it will not be built.

“And by the way, Mr. President, we’re never ever going to build your stupid wall,” that remark got a little more enthusiasm out of the crowed but she was wrong about him becoming president, and she is wrong about the wall getting build.

One thing she should know by now is not to challenge President Trump’s resolve, especially when it comes to protecting the American people.

Same old Liz, same old rhetoric.

Rumors are she is planning on running against President Trump in 2020, she better get some new material.



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