Ellen Thinks We are Grateful for Obamacare?


NEWSBUSTERS reported that Ellen DeGeneres completely sucked up to Obama as he appeared on her show to sell Obamacare — no longer to young people, but to mothers, and Ellen thinks that’s just wonderful? Apparently she’s not aware the site is down, sign ups are down, and people all over the country have lost their insurance!

Obama pitched Obamacare with a new line…  “Especially all the moms out there who may have young people – 26, 27, do not have health insurance, but they think they’re invincible and nothing’s ever going to happen to ‘em – what we’ve said is you never know what life is going to throw at ya.”

DEGENERES: “It’s doing very, very well…you’ve got 5 million people signed up so far. [Applause] An enormous number of people have signed up, so it’s successful….Well, for people who are starting to applaud here, I think everyone’s very grateful that you did this. And I think it is important for people to sign up. It’s just better to be covered. You just never know.”

I don’t know about you, but Ms. Degeneres can keep her opinion to herself!

WATCH VID: DeGeneres Sucked Up To Obama

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  1. Ellen you don’t want or need obama care since you have plenty of money and you should do research about what a problem obamacare is and what the the drs of real honest people are saying about obamacare and what it is doing to people. Obamacare has made mine worse not better. Listen to the people if you care about the people and the ones who watch your show then don’t be dishonest to them because of sucking up to Obama. He’s just a man.

  2. Ok so let me get this straight 5 million have signed up so it is a success. How many people have LOST what they had because of The “Affordable Care Act”. I’m pretty sure it is over 5 million


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