EPIC! Entire High School Football Team Runs onto Field Waving American Flags! (Video)

EPIC! Entire High School Football Team Runs onto Field Waving American Flags! (Video)

NFL players could learn something about patriotism from these high school student!

All across the country NFL players are kneeling, sitting or raising their fists during the National Anthem in a show of solidarity for former football player Colin Kaepernick’s protest movement against police brutality, a move that has come to be more of a resistance against President Trump after he weighed in on the issue.

Fox News reports:

The National Football League could learn a lesson about patriotism from the Fannin County High School Rebels in Georgia.

At the start of Friday night’s football game the ENTIRE team ran onto the field waving American flags. A number of people in attendance at the game sent us photos and videos of the incredibly patriotic moment.

Posted by Sonya Standridge on 29hb September 2017

Supt. Michael Gwatney told WSB-TV the flags were meant to show support for veterans and active duty military personnel.

“It was an awesome and unifying moment for the audiences on both sides of our stadium and reminded us that no matter what team we support, we are all Americans,” he told the television station.
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