Epic Fail: State Department Tweets Picture Promoting Sharia Law


Earlier this week, the State Department issued a tweet that included a picture promoting Sharia law over “man made law,” referring to the Constitution of the United States!


The image was captioned, “Muslims coming out inviting society to #Islam.” The tweet accompanying the photo spoke approvingly of free speech while saying ISIS does not support the concept.

“In open societies, all faiths enjoy freedom of speech; under #ISIS rule, no such thing as freedom of expression,” the tweet said. Many disapproved of the photo and schooled the State Department for the short message.

“You’re joking, right?” one person asked. “Shariah law: Inviting society to a lifetime (and death time for that matter) of slavery and misery,” another person added.

“Epic fail from the DOS,” a third critic said. “The people pictured do have free speech, but they would take it from others.”


Ironically, the tweet failed to note that free speech is severely forbidden under Sharia law. The Blaze pointed out that Sharia law also “outlaws depictions of the Prophet Mohammad or speaking critically of the prophet.” Those who do speak critically of Mohammad could easily find themselves beheaded.

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Photos courtesy of twitter.com

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